A busy day

So noted in passing: Everybody's favourite still wet behind the ears barrister, Tom Brennan, has had the full day of argument on the validity of his claim and the matter has apparently been adjourned.  Of course, the BBC don't tell us whether Mr...

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Curse this anonymity thing.

There are times, such as this, that the requirements of anonymity are a bit annoying. Much though I enjoy the dark powers conferred by my mask of mystery, being the Fantômas of housing law, it does mean that some things can't be posted about at the...

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Glittering Prizes

Not that I am at all obsessive about such things, at least not since I forced myself to keep checking down to once a month or so, but out of the allegedly 71 million blogs tracked by Technorati (surely less than half of which are active), Nearly...

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