‘How to rent’ Archive

'How to Rent' Archive

Archive of the MHCLG 'How to Rent' booklets. The booklet must be served on the tenant before a section 21 notice can be served for all new and replacement tenancies from 1 October 2015. If the booklet was previously served, then at the start of each 'replacement' tenancy, there is no requirement to re-serve the booklet unless it has been updated.

As the MHCLG and Gov UK site apparently will not be providing a method to check which version of the handbook was current at a given date, which will actually be crucial for checking whether a s.21 has been validly served, we will try to catalogue them here, by release date.

1 October 2015 - Download here.

1 February 2016 - Download here

17 January 2018 - Download here

26 June 2018 - Download here

6 July 2018 ('backdated' to 26 June 2018) - Download here (An explanation of what happened is here)

31 May 2019 - Download here