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Assured Shorthold tenancy
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Introductory and Demoted tenancies
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Time fast and slow

Well that was quick. A few days and an intensive reminder of why I don't like defending ASB possession cases later and the holiday seems like nothing but an eye blink, already distant. Still, it was lovely while it lasted, although it always comes as a bit...

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Waiting for Counsel

(With apologies to Samuel Beckett, Literature, and everyone else) Act 1 Darkness. Lights up. Trainee sitting on a worn vinyl bench, to the right a board on the wall, with sheets of tattered A4 paper pinned to it. To the left a swing door. Trainee wrestles...

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Double-take Corner

We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area. And "MR JUSTICE PETER SMITH: No, if you are going to say my conduct in court is quite remarkable, you have to say why. In which way do you think my conduct has been...

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Call me Sibyl

I'm getting the hang of this prophecy thing. As I suggested a week ago, the role of the Attorney General is to be reviewed, and the Attorney General has said she will not be the person who decides on the cash for honours potential prosecution, or indeed...

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Regime Change

So farewell then, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. Some achievements of this last government are not to be dismissed. For example: the Human Rights Act; the minimum wage; civil partnerships; the beginning of the SureStart programme; even tax credits (botched...

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