Foxtons declare war on the homeless

The London Evening Standard has a story which is simultaneously unsurprising yet startling in its blatancy. A landlord had entered an agreement to let the property through CityWest Homes – Westminster Council’s housing entity. This was the private letting arm of CityWest. As I have been informed, in this instance the proposed CityWest tenant would not […]

On the naughty step. What Brad did next

Readers with a mid to long term memory might recall ‘lawontheweb’, which featured in a naughty step post (and indeed a Guardian article) in 2012. Behind lawonetheweb was Brad Askew. Despite my best attempts at the time, Brad didn’t respond to any of my attempts to contact him. Imagine my surprise when the other day, […]

On the naughty step: The unacceptable face of London landlords

Some of you, those in London at least, might have noticed Boris Johnson announce a new, and completely voluntary, no compulsion here, landlord accreditation scheme. The idea being that tenants, desperate to find somewhere in the middle of the worst accommodation shortage in London for many, many years, will choose to avoid a ‘non-Boris’ landlord. […]

Dialogues with spammers

[Caution, this post contains asterisks and interior design] The ‘guest post request’ spam continues to flood in (see here and here). 6 or 7 a day. Usually it goes straight into the trash but sometimes… Hello, I would love to send you an article with law/legal content written from one of my authors for your […]

What Barclay did next

As regular readers will know, the NL naughty step posts are not restricted to housing law, though tend to have a legal connection. It is just a question of who might attract our attention at any given moment for the right, or rather wrong reason.. Every now and again, we like to catch up with […]