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Anthony Gold Solicitors

PARALEGAL – Housing & Public Law

Based at our Walworth Road office, London SE17

12 month fixed term contract

Anthony Gold is looking for a Paralegal to join its housing & public law team.

The team and individuals are highly rated in the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.  The role involves assisting a partner with conduct of housing litigation (civil and criminal) cases funded under Legal Aid and CFA.  The role also includes some administration duties.

Applicants need a law degree or GDL and should have excellent legal and inter- personal skills, together with an interest in housing/landlord and tenant law.

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Bedroom tax and human rights: The UT has a go

I’ve got two Upper Tribunal decisions on bedroom tax appeals, both from Scotland. Both concern human rights related cases. One concerns what sounds like a fairly hopeless and sadly not well argued case based on disability. The other is considerably more significant and concerns article 8 and shared care of children.

CSH 374 2014 [decision can be downloaded here]
The appellant was subject to the 14% deduction on one bedroom. He was the sole tenant and occupant of a two bedroom property. He apparently is disabled. At the First Teir Tribunal, it was apparently argued by the tenant’s representative that:

The amended Housing Benefit Regulations are themselves discriminatory

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You’ve got absoutely nothing out of this

For most parties that enter into litigation (save for those on CFAs and some who are legally aided) a win isn’t really a win unless the other side is also ordered to pay your costs. I say most, because certain litigants enter into litigation knowing that come what May their costs will be paid on the indemnity basis. They have the foresight (or more accurately the power) to draft contracts which provide that, in the event of litigation, the other side (often a borrower or a long leaseholder) will indemnify them for all their legal costs irrespective of whether they win or lose.

While the court retains jurisdiction to intervene, … Read the full post

A longer waiting to wait

Barnet Council are consulting on changes to their 2012 Allocation policy. The main change proposed is that the current ‘residence requirement’ of two years be increased to five years. That is to say that no-one would be eligible for Barnet’s housing register without five years demonstrable residence in the borough.  (And yes, this applies to the homeless equally). They are not the only London council to consider five years residence requirement – so are LB Southwark – but their stated reason for the increase is specifically because:

Increased costs in inner London combined with restrictions on housing benefit has resulted in more households moving to outer London boroughs like

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Job Ads

Well, one job ad and a couple of self employment opportunities (our first chambers ad, I think).


South West London Law Centre

Head of Legal Practice (Full time)

Up to £39,975 p.a. including Inner London – NJC Scale 43 CEO
Permanent position
Wandsworth, but will in the future move to East Croydon

SWLLC’s Head of Legal Practice position was created in 2013 to oversee the work and practice of 20 caseworkers and line manage our department team leaders. This post is heavily management biased, split approximately 50% management and 50% casework, and requires strong, effective supportive leadership and communication skills. You will need extensive knowledge of all aspects of

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Mortgage possession: Lloyds and the arrears that weren’t

From the High Court in Northern Ireland comes a significant joined case of a mortgage lender behaving badly. Bank of Scotland, and indeed possibly the whole Lloyds group seem to have acted in this way, for which they have received an extremely severe judicial take down. The principles in this case may well have application outside Northern Ireland, and the practices identified well worth looking out for.

Bank of Scotland plc v Rea, McGeady, Laverty [2014] NIMaster 11

The borrowers’ cases were brought by NI Housing Rights Service, here is their account of the matter. These were effectively test cases to address a widespread practice.

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Eviction: “Sexual, athletic and squeaking noises”

In a case that recalls the ‘unnatural’ noises emanating from Concord, Tyne and Wear, a German Court was faced with a tricky decision in a claim for possession.

the swingThe ground given was that the tenant had installed a ‘very old’ sex swing in 2012. And, despite a clause in the tenancy agreement requiring him to be quiet between 10pm and 7am, the tenant had apparently been determined to make the most of his second-hand purchase. (Or maybe third hand. Yes, I know, it doesn’t bear thinking about.)

The landlord had received multiple complaints from neighbours of “sexual, athletic and squeaking noises” late into the night, and decided to evict.… Read the full post

Odds and Sods

Aspect Insurance

A few bits and pieces, none of which are worth their own post, including a couple of updates on old ‘friends’.

First, as you have probably noticed, the blog has had a redesign (yes, another one). There are a couple of reasons for this: partly for a more contemporary, cleaner look, which should hopefully be more pleasant to read; and partly to make the site ‘responsive’, so that it deals with a wide variety of screen sizes. Rather than a separate version for mobiles, the same site is used, with a shortened menu bar. The sidebar and footer elements are below the main text on the mobile screen … Read the full post