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On applications for permission to appeal to the House of Lords:

Omar v Birmingham City Council – Omar refused permission to appeal from this Court of Appeal judgment. Very disappointing given the ambiguity, to put it mildly, of the Court of Appeal judgment (look at the comments on that post).

Aweys v Birmingham City Council – Birmingham given permission to appeal. Eh? The JR and Court of Appeal judgments were clear and straightforward. So we will have to see whether Birmingham are just throwing money away.

Both odd decisions, but maybe I’m missing something. Thanks to CLP people for the information.

Giles Peaker is a solicitor and partner in the Housing and Public Law team at Anthony Gold Solicitors in South London. You can find him on Linkedin and on Twitter. Known as NL round these parts.


  1. house

    One wonders if Aweys has had any real effect in Birmingham. I wonder if all the families mentioned have at least been offered suitable accommodation under 193 or been given a part VI offer.

  2. J

    BCC have also changed their allocation scheme since Aweys and the case itelf is, surely, only of historic interest for them. I do wonder what they’re playing at.

  3. Kath

    Reply to House:

    One of my clients was contacted by the “Aweys Officer” (what a bizare job title!)at Birmingham and offered temporary accommodation. I called the girl back and it would seem her job is to ensure this is done with all cases.


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