New home

Apologies for any disruption you may have encountered in getting to the site over the last day. We have moved to a new server (again, courtesy of the lovely Tessa Shepperson of Landlordlaw, who very generously provides our hosting for free). The new server should make the site significantly faster and more reliable, particularly for […]

Please do not adjust your set

Some behind the scenes updates – which had to be done – mean that the blog is going to look not entirely like its usual self for a few days (fonts and font size, some layout etc.), till I can get to grips with some coding oddities. Probably this weekend. I just thought you ought […]

Admin Court latest decisions feed added

The bottom right of the blog now has both Civil Court of Appeal and Administrative Court judgments in feeds that update as soon as the judgments are released on Bailii. Non-techies can look away now. For the technically interested, this is a complete kludge. The beta Bailli recent decisions RSS feed is filtered through a […]

New news

I’ve been having a bit of a play. You may notice a new page tab for “Housing News Feeds” above. This has the RSS feeds of various housing related sites and blogs, so they will be constantly updated with any new items. Hopefully, it will be worth checking whenever you stop by. The problem is […]

Oh what a tangled web…

[Edit. This was originally posted on Friday evening 16/11/07. Not that I’m getting all conspiratorial but it disappeared in the great site downtime and server change… There was also originally an image, which has vanished from the server and apparently was deleted (by me) on my home machine. So, albeit imageless, I defy the internet […]

Rumours of my demise…

… were entirely due to a technical hitch. Admittedly a walloping great big technical hitch which lasted 3 days and was only resolved by the site being moved a new server and the Domain Name Server records being updated. But as of 11.30 pm on Monday, the site is working again. What time you get […]

Oi, you, Pipex Internet

This has nothing to do with law, but sometimes a personal howl of frustration must be let loose. The topic is crappy internet service providers. To be specific, Pipex Internet. I am a Pipex subscriber, although not for very much longer. I have been for years. It used to be a reliable and not overly […]

Legislation Search and RSS feeds

Thanks to Binary Law for the news that the OPSI Legislation search now comes with an RSS feed on searches for easy updates. Unfortunately, having spent an evening wrestling with it, I’d damned if I can get specific search feeds to display on this blog. The feeds either aren’t recognised by the WordPress plugins I’m […]

Oooh Shiny

How did I spend the bank holiday? A new wordpress theme (self-modified K2), new layout and some very shiny additional toys. Try, for instance, the search box at the top right. Oh yes – direct page update ajaxy goodness. Likewise try the archive page (via the top menu), then try selecting date (and sub date) […]

It speaks…

I have just had the great pleasure of doing a podcast with Charon QC, talking about mature entry to the law, the LPC and recruitment, and legal aid. I also made a faltering attempt to explain the tolerated tresspasser issue. The podcast is now up on his blog. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Your mileage may […]