A farewell to the pink campervan?

It appears that the Tenant Services Authority is living on borrowed time and is on route to being the shortest lived social housing regulator ever, having got its full powers only in April 2010. There will probably be an announcement at the Chartered Institute of Housing conference, next week. See this interview with Grant Shapps, […]

Pulling the Rugg out from under them

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has now confirmed that not only the National Landlord Register is finished as a proposal. Also dead in the water are regulation of letting and managing agents, and compulsory written tenancy agreements. Councils are ‘urged to use the wide range of powers that they already have at their disposal’ to deal […]

Extending the role of the TSA

The Government has just issued a consultation paper (available here) on extending the TSAs regulatory role to local housing authorities. Whilst the document is expressed to be a consultation, the tone of the document suggests that the Government is already minded to take such a step. April 2010 is expressly identified as the likely date […]

Shocking lack

And I apologise for the pun in the title, which is in dubious taste. Normally on NL, we restrict putting our view on matters to a few comments or the odd, albeit caustic, remark. But the events and legal requirements that are set out in this story from the RLA newsletter are such that we […]

Tales from the pink campervan

The Tenants Services Authority (the new regulatory body for RSLs and, from April 2010, local authorities) has been holding a “national conversation” with tenants, touring round in a pink campervan amongst other engagement techniques. The outcome from that, and from broader regulatory conversations one suspects, is Building a New Regulatory Framework: A Discussion Paper. This […]

Regulating renting proposals

I’m just in the process of marking what feels like thousands of coursework essays on proprietary estoppel and constructive trusts.  The thing that gets me – time for a rant – is that my very clever three As students can’t actually write a proper sentence, and split infinitives willy nilly.  It just winds me up.  […]

Green Paper "within 10 days"

It’s the little things in life which get me excited and, as a bit of a policy nerd on the side, it looks like a Green Paper is to be expected within 10 days if The Times is to be believed. I’d heard on the grapevine that the GP had been canned because they couldn’t […]

Not another review …

Yes, it’s true, another review has been published, this time of the regulation and redress in the UK housing market. And yes, if you’re wondering, this was what the Law Commission did in their Issues paper on proportionate dispute resolution and further analysis. The author this time is Professor Colin Jones, whose biog does not […]

The Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 – an update

Two new Statutory Instruments have just come out relating to this Act, and, given that I’m updating my seminar notes about the 2008 Act, I thought I’d share them with you. The Allocation of Housing (England) (Amendment) (Family Intervention Tenancies) Regulations 2008 deal with the interaction between the new Family Intervention Tenancy (“FIT”)in the 2008 […]

New PRS Report

Ok, I’m angry again.  It’s really out of character as I’m usually very mild mannered.  Here’s a question: what do you do if you’ve paid a group of people over around 10 years to come up with a series of proposals to regulate renting relationships (ie the Law commission) but you can’t live with their […]