By Dave

Green Paper "within 10 days"

It’s the little things in life which get me excited and, as a bit of a policy nerd on the side, it looks like a Green Paper is to be expected within 10 days if The Times is to be believed. I’d heard on the grapevine that the GP had been canned because they couldn’t make up their minds what to do. My sources are usually good, but this time (again, if The Times is to be believed) ahem mistaken. According to The Times article, it’s going to suggest mandatory licensing for private landlords on the basis of the Rugg report (discussed by us here) (and the forgotten Jones report, discussed by us here). The article also makes the following comment about enforcement, perhaps also dealing with retaliatory eviction (although this is a little unclear):

The system would be monitored by an independent body to adjudicate complaints made by tenants. If these complaints were upheld the landlord could lose his or her letting licence. Under one option being considered, the Government might set up a “social letting agent” to place affected tenants in more suitable privately rented accommodation.

I had heard that some elements of the Law Commission work might also be included, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Given the significance attached to the 2000 Green Paper by the House of Lords in Ahmad, these things are no longer of purely esoteric interest. Anyway, much excitement …


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