Injunctions, evictions and unrepresented parties

Brown v Tyndale (2019) QBD (Robert Francis QC) 25/07/2019 (unreported, but note of extempore judgment on lawtel) The kind of thing that happens when neither party is represented… In December 2018, Mr Brown had obtained an ex parte injunction against Mr Tyndale, the landlord, on the basis that the landlord had attempted to lock him […]

The Unbeatable Litigant in Person*

Birmingham City Council v Richard Lloyd (2012) CA Civ 23 May 2012 (On Lawtel but not on BAILLI) A short note on this hearing as it is a situation which is likely to become far more common. Birmingham Claimant had lost a claim for possession against L. They appealed. At the hearing of their appeal […]

And the 23rd Claim…

As a tale of vexatious litigants, HM Attorney General v Ford & Anor [2008] EWHC 2066 (Admin) has it all. Mysterious changes of identity, admitted perjury, repeated applications for judicial review of refusals to give permission to appeal, and appeals of refusals, all resulting from a claim for leasehold enfranchisement by three leasehold tenants. Two […]

Do you remember the first time?

Pupil barrister Scribbler encounters a litigant-in-person in action for the first time, and he sounds like a classic of the genre, issuing against multiple defendants ‘so they could come to court to explain themselves’, regardless of whether they actually had much to do with the case. Of course, it has to be said that there […]