Show me the money

My blog is worth $22,581.60. How much is your blog worth? That should see me through about six months as a trainee. £12K! For my erudesence? Pah. I’m cheap but not that cheap. [Thanks to Tim Kevan of The Barrister Blog]

Ring out wild bells

And finally… Nearly Legal has a training contract, and mirable dictu, with a legal aid firm (at least pro tem) and to start shortly. I’ve come over all Fotherington-Thomas. Hello birds, hello sky. It was about bloody time somebody took a punt on what was evidently seen by many as a bit of risk. I […]

More than reasonable?

Ken Adams of emailed me the other day. I’ve enjoyed dipping into his site, even though my area has nothing to do with contract drafting and a relatively small amount of contractual interpretation. I like the overlaying of semantics, rhetoric and practical issues. Ken pointed me to a piece on an English judgment on […]

What he said

Corporate Law appears to be having a bit of a crise. I feel for him. As far as I can tell, Corporate doesn’t think his blog has been getting the attention/traffic that it should. If that is the case, then I’d agree. There are very few sites in this world that do detailed and complex […]

The uses of vanity

Hands up how many readers of the British blawgs had read BabyBarista’s blog prior to say four to six weeks ago? No? Me neither. But it has been apparently going since October 06. In a textbook campaign, BabyBarista made himself known though comments to posts on other blawgs and referral links to other blawgs. Never […]

Hello to everyone from the Law Society

Having come home to find a huge spike in traffic direct to the blog, I was initially startled to find that the Law Society Professional Update newsletter email had linked to a couple of my posts on the ‘What Price Justice?’ campaign. Whilst I am naturally grateful for the link, I feel duty bound by […]


The theme of the last few days for me, at least in regard to some small corners of the law blog world, has turned out to be the failure of anonymity. Item one: Someone has apparently worked out who Pupilblog is. Item two: I’ve been reading Anonymous Lawyer, the book, in which the difficulty of […]

Au Rebours

The kindly Family Lore has tagged me with the latest blogger’s version of a chain letter, a meme tag. I vaguely recall seeing this one spreading amongst web designer blogs a couple of months ago and then it recently hit the law blogs like mutated bird flu. I am to reveal five things that you […]

Blawgs, hurgh, what are they good for?

Navel gazing (or meta blogging) on the future of the law blog seems to be the flavour of the moment in the USA, and on this side of the pond, human law and binary law have weighed in with some thoughtful views on the future of law blogs. With this in mind, together with geeklawyer’s […]