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And a happy christmas to me.


Unlike Charon QC or even Geeklawyer, I have been away doing the christmas necessaries, and actually very pleasant they were too.

On my return today, I find that to my surprise and delight, I have received a Blawg Review Award for 2006. Hurrah and indeed whoopee. As a newcomer of 6 months or so, this is gratifying. It has also been picked up by the Self Help Law ExPress, which is a blawg I shall be following from now on.

Granted, this is an award for ‘paralegal blawg of 2006’. which is lovely, but feels a little like coming first in a category of, well, several at best.

On the other hand, this is an effectively USAian award and mine and Human Law (as best British Blawg) were, as far as I can see, the only British blawgs, so there is quite some pride in grabbing an international category, however small.

And to Public Defender Stuff, who rightly objected to the absence of a public defender category but cited Nearly Legal as one extreme of the listings, I would say that I might not do criminal work, but this blog is entirely fixated on legal aid public defence work in housing. It is what I do, to paraphrase the Bishop of Southwark. I’m just not USAian.

And to Geeklawyer, who is, as we all know obsessed with awards, may I just say Ppphhtt. Oh and a post of mine is currently a ‘must read’ at techlaw advisor. What can I say? It is not just the Bar that can do shameless self-promotion.

Coming next – Some seriously speculative housing law.

Giles Peaker is a solicitor and partner in the Housing and Public Law team at Anthony Gold Solicitors in South London. You can find him on Linkedin and on Twitter. Known as NL round these parts.


  1. contact

    Disarmed by unexpected politesse, I do have to say that I was frankly astonished that Geeklawyer wasn’t listed.

  2. Greg Worthen

    I certainly meant no disrespect, but wanted to show the wide range of categories in the awards. Actually, I was pleased to find your blog through the Blawg Review Awards, and have added it to my Bloglines subscriptions.

  3. contact

    Oh dear. Greg Worthen, I’m sorry if my tone was wrong. I had not encountered your blog, although it is certainly now on my list for reading. I just wanted to make the point that there were some UK versions of public defenders on the list, even if not flagged as such.

  4. Geeklawyer

    Congratulations. Enjoy your victory – it is well earned. Next year I shall be with you on the rostrum!

  5. corporate blawg uk

    May I express my warmest congratulations to you. This is a mighty victory for all UK Blawgers, and we are honoured that you bring back this prize to our cold shores that we may join you in celebration and add further cause for jubilation in this merry Christmas time.

    You have made us proud, against adversity and howling Cerebusses of blawgexhaustion you fought on. And rightly so you now have stepped up to the top of the podium and gripped success in your eight typing fingers and two spacing thumbs. Well done Nearlylegal, may your blogging continue for another year and go from strength to strength.

    next year I am sure you will bring back to the UK the Best Blawg prize. We will be re-routing for you, our champion amongst champions.

    Bill Gates be with you.

  6. Justin Patten

    Congratulations on your award, Nearly Legal.

  7. contact

    And on yours for Human Law.



  1. HUMAN LAW - As has been posted elsewhere on the blogosphere, the Blawg Review Awards for 2006 have been made. There are a…
  2. HUMAN LAW - As has been posted elsewhere on the blogosphere, the Blawg Review Awards for 2006 have been made. There are a…

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