Now we are One.

Looking back in the archive for an old post, I realise to my astonishment that this blog is one year old. Granted, the years do whip past more rapidly as there are fewer of them left, but blimey, where did that one go? One answer to where that one went is 165 posts. That’s more […]

Circular allusions and problems with names.

Via Lawyer-2-be (whose name has apparently been lifted by The Lawyer for its student site, alas), I discovered the gloriously named blog Belle de Jure. Apparently by an off-duty academic lawyer, it’s off to an entertaining start. According to a recent post, we are to believe that the name was coined without reference to or […]

Blawgfest 2007, bon chance…

Despite having been thoroughly up for it, one of the side effects of my new found traineeship-ness is that I can’t go to the UK Legal Blawg Conference, organised by Geeklawyer and Ruthie, on 18th May as I’m being inescapably trained. It looks like a good and interesting time should be had by all. I […]

A Public Apology…

… to Oliver Heald MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs. Four posts ago, I wrote a distinctly sceptical response to a comment from Oliver Heald on my post about the report of the Consitutional Affairs Committee on the legal aid reforms. In that response, I a) doubted it came from Oliver Heald in […]

Oooh Shiny

How did I spend the bank holiday? A new wordpress theme (self-modified K2), new layout and some very shiny additional toys. Try, for instance, the search box at the top right. Oh yes – direct page update ajaxy goodness. Likewise try the archive page (via the top menu), then try selecting date (and sub date) […]

As read by the Shadow Cabinet

The release of the final report of the Parliamentary Consitutional Affairs committee on the DCA/LSC proposed changes to legal aid funding was, I thought, an important moment in the wrestle over the future of legal aid. So I posted about it. Imagine my surprise when, a day later, the post received a comment from “Oliver […]

It speaks…

I have just had the great pleasure of doing a podcast with Charon QC, talking about mature entry to the law, the LPC and recruitment, and legal aid. I also made a faltering attempt to explain the tolerated tresspasser issue. The podcast is now up on his blog. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Your mileage may […]

Glittering Prizes

Not that I am at all obsessive about such things, at least not since I forced myself to keep checking down to once a month or so, but out of the allegedly 71 million blogs tracked by Technorati (surely less than half of which are active), Nearly Legal has crashed – or perhaps tiptoed – […]

Now there's a thought

I was talking with a friend this weekend, one of the few people who know my secret identity. ‘Why’, my friend asked me, ‘don’t you have more about criminal law and practice on the blog?’ ‘More?’, I said, ‘I have nothing about Criminal on there’. ‘Exactly’, said my friend. This set me thinking. Admittedly, the […]

A useful thing

Entirely thanks to Enquiring Minds, I have found Feedity, which will turn a web page into a RSS feed where it lacks one. Given the lack of RSS feeds for all kinds of legal and government sites, this is a very useful thing if it works as advertised. I have added a trial (sorry) feed […]