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Ring out wild bells


And finally…

Nearly Legal has a training contract, and mirable dictu, with a legal aid firm (at least pro tem) and to start shortly. I’ve come over all Fotherington-Thomas. Hello birds, hello sky.

It was about bloody time somebody took a punt on what was evidently seen by many as a bit of risk. I can say with some confidence I will be good at it. Bring on the last few hurdles to qualification.

But this will mean a change hereabouts. I had already decided that, should a miracle happen and someone decided to take me on as a trainee, I was not going to do “a trainee’s blog”.

With all due respect to those who are doing ‘qualifying’ blogs and doing them well – Pupilblog, Lawyer-2-be – that isn’t for me. I have already found this blog turning away from posting about day to day job stuff, at least in any purposeful sense, and I can’t see myself doing a trainee’s experience any justice. This blog has pretty much done the ‘rites of passage’, even if it was as a disgruntled, albeit case-running, paralegal. I’m not going to take the blog through it again.

So, I’m not going to post about life as a trainee, or at least not unless I really, really want to.

I’m not quite sure what will happen here, although I have some ideas in mind. In the meantime, normal service will be more or less maintained. Apart from a distinct lightening of the usual air of grim frustration, of course. Right now, I am a distinctly relieved and happy Nearly Legal.

Giles Peaker is a solicitor and partner in the Housing and Public Law team at Anthony Gold Solicitors in South London. You can find him on Linkedin and on Twitter. Known as NL round these parts.


  1. lism.

    Congratulations! Well-deserved.

    On the content front: I like the more legal-commentary angle you’ve been going for in posts of late, so I hope that stays.

  2. Charon QC

    Good stuff.. well done. Do.. please – continue with the blogging…

    Agree with the above ‘commentator’….

  3. contact

    Thanks both. That is what more or less I was thinking, but I’m still toying with future directions. Hopefully more soon.

  4. Elle


  5. Tessa Shepperson

    Congratulations, really pleased you have a training contract. Nearly there now. As for the blog, you should write what you feel like. It is bound to be informative and entertaining!

  6. contact

    Thanks Elle and Tessa. I’m trying to work out what it is I feel like posting…

  7. BabyBarista

    Congratulations Nearly Legal. Much deserved.

  8. contact

    BabyBarista – thanks and congratulations on your move to the Times Online. Surely the book offer can’t be far away…

  9. Pupilblogger

    Congratulations, it sounds much deserved. Don’t blame you for not wanting to go down the trainee blog route. It’s quite limiting, although it can be fun, and I’ve found it helpful to make light of the experience. I’m likely to terminate my blog in the not too distant future.

  10. contact

    Blimey, Pupilblogger. Hot news folks, you heard it here first, the place where all blawgers of class and discretion come to announce their end.

    I thought you had been on particularly good form lately, if understandably intermittent.

  11. Lawyer-2-be

    a bit late i know (am finally catching up with everything i’ve missed over the last few days or so) – but congratulations, belatedly!


  12. contact

    Thanks L-2-B. It’s a good thing ;-)



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