Admin Court latest decisions feed added

The bottom right of the blog now has both Civil Court of Appeal and Administrative Court judgments in feeds that update as soon as the judgments are released on Bailii. Non-techies can look away now. For the technically interested, this is a complete kludge. The beta Bailli recent decisions RSS feed is filtered through a […]

Oliver Twist

Not being satisfied with putting the boot in only once to Caroline ‘Workhouse’ Flint, I’ve had another go, this time in a podcast with Charon QC, now available for your listening pleasure. I hope and trust that this is giving the proposals more attention that they require.

Do you remember the first time?

Pupil barrister Scribbler encounters a litigant-in-person in action for the first time, and he sounds like a classic of the genre, issuing against multiple defendants ‘so they could come to court to explain themselves’, regardless of whether they actually had much to do with the case. Of course, it has to be said that there […]

Hope over experience

Surprising being undeterred by the experience of the first podcast I did with him, Charon QC has demonstrated a generosity of spirit, if a lack of judgement, in doing another. We talk about training contract experience, smaller firms, and the sisyphean labour of blogging.. You may find it mercifully brief, as I prove the rule […]

Thanks Ed

As Charon has picked up, Colin Samuels and Diane Levin, law bloggers and ‘sherpas’ to the ever so anonymous editor of Blawg Review have asked for recognition of the editor’s achievement in building and sustaining the review. As someone who has been the recipient of the editor’s tender ministrations (and the bountiful assistance of the […]

Not the only housing blog in the village

Oh frabjious day. After many months ploughing a lonely furrow as the internet`s finest but only housing law blog, I am delighted to welcome another into the world. William Flack of Flack & co, who both comments on and features in posts hereabouts, has begun his own blog. I will be reading with enthusiasm. But […]

To end the year – a meme

Thanks to Lex Scholasticus at Reductio ad Absurdum, I have been tagged with another blog meme thing. In a surprising bout of pre-new year generosity, I will both respond and entirely fail to tag anyone else. I am called upon to list 8 things I want to happen in 2008. Only 8? I’ll try to […]

Blawg Review Nominations

This year’s Blawg Review awards are apparently to be awarded to one Blawg on the basis of nominations from solely those who have hosted or are shortly to host a Blawg Review. Having closely followed the instructions of the anonymous Ed of Blawg Review, Nearly Legal’s nominations are based on marks for elegance and commitment, […]

amicitia reverto (sic)

So, Belle de Jure and Lawyer-2-be, although apparently tired of being respectively scandalously homophonic and hyphenated, are back. I somehow thought it was only a matter of time before one or both broke cover. Now conjoined, although thankfully not declined, and newly latinate, their fresh venture, Reductio ad Absurdum, should be a blog for lawyers […]