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Not the only housing blog in the village


Oh frabjious day. After many months ploughing a lonely furrow as the internet`s finest but only housing law blog, I am delighted to welcome another into the world. William Flack of Flack & co, who both comments on and features in posts hereabouts, has begun his own blog. I will be reading with enthusiasm. But William, nobody else can add comments at the moment…

[Edit. No disrespect intended to Tessa at Landlord Law, but, as the title suggests,  she focuses on Landlord & Tenant rather than broader housing law issues.]

Giles Peaker is a solicitor and partner in the Housing and Public Law team at Anthony Gold Solicitors in South London. You can find him on Linkedin and on Twitter. Known as NL round these parts.


  1. Williiam Flack

    Thank you for the plug. As a new kid on the blawg there are likely to be a few technical problems such as not being able to leave comments. I think I have fixed this so please try again.

  2. contact

    All working now, thanks and comment left.

    Delighted to see the blog has come into being.

  3. counsel of despair

    I admire how well informed you are, and have much enjoyed the visit. But I try to save up all that stuff for judges and that. I like your blog, and only looked it up because my mate in chambers said that you’re his starting point for legal research. I must try to get angrier about all this stuff – you’re right, but remember that it’s just a job, NearlyLegal, and sadly while it’s quite important, it’s neither big nor clever. If we’re so smart, how come we ain’t rich?

  4. counsel of despair

    Oh, you are rich – sorry.

  5. Nearly Legal

    counsel of despair –
    Eh and indeed what? I’m a sad housing law geek doing legal aid litigation. I do this blog because I’m a sad housing law geek etc..

    ‘neither big nor clever’ – For pity’s sake, if I was looking for ego massage out of this, would I have kept the damn thing anonymous? Where I’m wrong, which I not infrequently am, I hope I take correction happily and gracefully. So what is your chip?

    As for rich, I’m a trainee solicitor in a legal aid practice. No I don’t have a private income, or any capital. You do the maths. So you pose a good question, if I am so smart – and dammit let’s face it, I am, why aren’t I rich?

    Out of genuine curiosity, what the hell have I done to piss you off to the extent of two bitchy comments?



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