Mutual appreciation

Tessa Shepperson’s Landlord law blog has been up since February 2006, predating us by four months. The name is slightly misleading – Tessa deals with residential landlord and tenant matters and has much to say of interest for private tenants as well as landlords – see, for example, today’s helpful post on the use of […]

Now we are three

It seems like it was just yesterday it started, albeit with a very long and restless night in between, but Nearly Legal is now three years old, which in internet terms is late middle age to bus pass territory. But, if I wondered how the time was actually spent, the stats tell their own story. […]

A modest proposal

October, new post qualification job and all, is going to be something of a crunch point for this blog. Time, which has been very tight for the last few months, is simply not going to be available to keep Nearly Legal going in the same way. There are three options that I can see: 1. […]


I have been reading Usefully Employed’s blog pretty much since it started. It was always an interesting read on employment matters and broader topics. But I have to say that since March, with a redesign, some added features like an EAT decisions feed, and frequent, superbly clear and well written posts on Tribunal, EAT and […]

Happy happy

I can’t resist the third person, so.. Nearly Legal has an assistant solicitor post in a damn good housing department in a good firm now sorted out for post-qualification in October. No, I’m not telling you where, nor am I casting aside anonymity. Not now anyway. Nearly Legal is also off on holiday for the […]

Scraping a second

I managed to miss an anniversary, a bit like my own birthdays these days. Nearly Legal was two years old on the first of June. Two years! That is positively middle aged in internet years, fittingly making the blog roughly as old as I am. It has been quite a trip. I can safely say […]

And another housing law blog

The world domination plan is on schedule as another housing law blog starts up… A warm welcome to ‘The snail in that legal bottle‘, by Ethan, a ‘housing sector legal person’. Unfortunately, by way of greeting I popped over late last night and left an inadvertently pompous hatchet job in a comment to a post. […]

Brit blawg law blog review

Ruthie’s Law dons the mantle of one of the all-too-rare British hostings of a Blawg Review, and a damn fine review it is. More details on Blawg Reviews here. I believe Geeklawyer is due to be the next British host, so anyone whose business is dependent on cross-atlantic relations would be wise to sell up […]

World famous round here 2

Nick Holmes of Binary Law, renowned throughout the legal information tech world as being a very nice man indeed, has been generous enough to include Nearly Legal as one of his Blawgs of Note in an article for Legal Executive Journal, April 2008. Apparently, the article also featured a Family Lore post and one of […]

Nothing for the weekend

It is about time for a break – 13 detailed posts in the last two weeks, coupled with a frantic time at work, has left me lacking oomph, as devoid of oomph as an omphless thing on a bad day. So there will be nothing more here until after the holiday weekend. Meanwhile, James Stark […]