Happy happy

I can’t resist the third person, so.. Nearly Legal has an assistant solicitor post in a damn good housing department in a good firm now sorted out for post-qualification in October. No, I’m not telling you where, nor am I casting aside anonymity. Not now anyway. Nearly Legal is also off on holiday for the […]

The Job Ad

Or strictly speaking the ad for me. I’m due to qualify at the end of September and so I’m hunting for a newly qualified post. Anyone interested in employing an experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated and, casting false modesty to the winds, frankly damn good housing/landlord and tenant solicitor is very welcome to email me at the […]

Scraping a second

I managed to miss an anniversary, a bit like my own birthdays these days. Nearly Legal was two years old on the first of June. Two years! That is positively middle aged in internet years, fittingly making the blog roughly as old as I am. It has been quite a trip. I can safely say […]

On the naughty step

On the very crowded naughty step this week are the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Law Society and, umm, firms of solicitors in general. Shahrokh Mireskrandari, senior partner of Dean and Dean, has launched a claim for £10 million against the SRA and the Law Society at an employment tribunal, alleging racial and religious discrimination, harassment […]

No more than expected

LSC introduces new IT system to file matter start funding claims. System promptly doesn’t work. Three months later, system still doesn’t work. Any idea when it will work? Errrr no. So we send in Excel forms instead. LSC says “It’s not working as well as it could but it’s not meltdown or anything. We are […]

Hierarchy of Need

I haven’t posted about the Shelter staff dispute until now, partly because I was hoping it would be resolved and partly because I had little to add. I have been prodded into posting by a comment by Mark P. As he observes, Shelter management are in the vanguard of the NfP sector in ‘ensuring competitiveness’ […]

Green Ink and old Olivettis

With my usual and frankly uncanny ability to be a couple of days ahead of the zeitgeist, I posted on litigants-in-person a few days ago, only to see the Guardian do a feature piece on LiPs today. Granted they put a little more effort into it, and actually interviewed people and things like that, but […]

Do you remember the first time?

Pupil barrister Scribbler encounters a litigant-in-person in action for the first time, and he sounds like a classic of the genre, issuing against multiple defendants ‘so they could come to court to explain themselves’, regardless of whether they actually had much to do with the case. Of course, it has to be said that there […]

Legal Aid. Could be clearer. Will be smaller.

The judgment in Minister for Legal Aid v Main, R (on the application of) [2007] EWCA Civ 1147 might be of limited general applicability, concerning as it does the provision of ‘special case’ legal aid funding for inquests, but one passage in the judgment caught my eye: The relevant statutory provisions and the non-statutory material […]

Statistics can be fun at the SHLA

The Social Housing Law Association has released a ‘Policy Statement’ on the need for legal aid reform. Briefly, they claim that far too many weak cases are brought against social landlords by legally aided tenants and that the subsequent litigation costs to social landlords are unfair as s.11 protection means the landlord cannot recoup their […]