No going back

Regency (UK) Ltd v (1) Hussein Ali Hadi Albu-Swalin (2) Heartland Property Ltd (2019) QBD (Chamberlain J) 18/11/2019 (Note of extempore judgment on Lawtel) Regency had let flats to Heartland on the basis that Heartland would sublet to occupiers. Heartland sublet a flat to Mr Albu-Swalin in 2015. Mr A-S reported defects to the condition […]

Tales of the private sector

A collation of cases and stories from the private sector, and a series of reminders that a database of rogue landlords, and indeed banning orders, can’t come soon enough. In Sheffield, John Cashin was convicted of 56 offences involving HMO management, failure to provide information, failure to licence and property conditions: Five properties, on Abbeydale […]

Landlords behaving badly

While the Magistrates Courts continue to hand out paltry fines to landlords on conviction for illegal eviction, despite the removal of the upper £5000 limit, it is good to see that the civil courts are capable of taking a more reasonable approach to quantum. The Housing:Recent Developments in the July/August 2016 Legal Action contains a […]

Not far enough on the naughty step?

Along with Ben Reeve Lewis, who as a former Tenancy Relations Officer really knows, we have long had a bee in our various bonnets about fines for illegal eviction levied by the Magistrates Court on prosecutions brought by local authorities. And so to Sead Alimajstorovic, of East Holme, Bordesley Green, Birmingham. Mr Alimajstorovic was the landlord of a […]

On crowbars and considered conduct

Strydom v Fowler. Brentford County Court 24 November 2010 A County Court case involving possession, unlawful eviction, trespass and Housing Act 1988 s27 and s28. Our thanks (as ever) to the Legal Action ‘Recent Developments in Housing Law’ for this one. Mr F was the assured shorthold tenant, on  what had become a statutory periodic […]

Illegal eviction and the police

Naughton v Whittle and Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police. Manchester County Court 30/11/2009 (Legal Action July 2010) The tendency of the police to be utterly useless in cases of unlawful eviction has been a recurrent motif on Nearly Legal. They either do nothing, saying that it is a civil matter, or on occasion remove […]

A bumper pack of unlawful eviction – updates from Legal Action

In the second post of County Court cases you will already have read in June’s Legal Action Housing updates, we turn to unlawful eviction and harassment. And it appears to have been a rich few months in this regard, with no fewer than five cases to note. Fakhari v Newman, Woolwich County Court 07/01/2010 Mr […]

Unlawful Eviction Quantum – from Legal Action

Hunt v Hussain, Epsom County Court 31 July 2009 (LAG housing law updates October 2009) As ever, the Legal Action housing law updates have some useful cases, this from the October 2009 issue. This is another of the reports on County Court judgments on unlawful eviction and harassment cases that are very useful in assessment […]

Unlawful Eviction and Harassment quantum

The May edition of Legal Action’s housing updates contains a report on Khan v Iqbal, Bury County Court, 13 March 2009. Ms Khan was an assured shorthold tenant on rent of £650 pm. She lived with her children aged 15 and 12 She got into rent arrears. The landlord and his sons interrupted the electricity […]

Emergency remedial action

In Luton Borough Council v Universal Group we have the first (and almost certainly last) decision of the Lands Tribunal under the Housing Act 2004 on appeal from a Residential Property Tribunal (or RPT). 15-17 Chapel Street, Luton is (or was) consisted of a night club on the ground floor and 11 storeys of 13 […]