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Assured Shorthold tenancy
Benefits and care
Housing Conditions
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Introductory and Demoted tenancies
Leasehold and shared ownership
Licences and occupiers
Mortgage possession
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Law Search

I've been toying with the idea for while, since I discovered Google Co-op. Why not a search engine dedicated to legal resources/information/commentary, bringing together the scattered information and comment that is already out there? So, with a small parp...

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Left at the altar.

As Nick Holmes and Family Lore have noted, the Times Law blog appears to have unceremoniously vanished, 404ing without even so much as a goodbye. I hope that something new is planned, although in retrospect the difference between the blog and the Times law...

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Public Law 2.0

Nick Holmes has a very interesting post at Binary Law on the future of Law publishing in a world of social software. I've been wondering about similar things recently, both in general and in particular, following an examination of my server logs, and Nick...

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Kafka didn't do dialogue

But I am very impressed that Brian Barder, the ex-SIAC lay member who resigned on principle does. Mr Barder commented on my post via the trackback at his blog. I've posted a comment in response, but I'd like to post his comment and my response here, for two...

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Sally Field

Nick Holmes at Binary Law has blogged me. Blimey. "Looks like it could be a good one ". No pressure then. I'm surprised, but then again, I suppose that there aren't so many UK legal blogs to enable a new one to be overlooked. I'm going to save more...

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