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Sally Field


Nick Holmes at Binary Law has blogged me. Blimey.

“Looks like it could be a good one “. No pressure then.

I’m surprised, but then again, I suppose that there aren’t so many UK legal blogs to enable a new one to be overlooked.

I’m going to save more considered comments on lawyer’s blogs for another time. However, IT in general seems to be lawyer’s weak point. In my admittedly limited experience, solicitors use IT and the interweb thingy, but don’t really understand it (with obvious exceptions). As a newcomer to the profession, I am astonished that digital documents, trial bundles etc. have not been taken up, although apparently there is slow progress at the high value end of things.

Personally, I’d be happy to head to Court with a few CDROMs or, better, the encrypted key to a secure site on a few flash drives. As it stands, I take the file(s) and/or trial bundle in an wheelie bag and everyone, from the Judge to paralegal, will have to flick through searching for the page.

Incidentally, where did this ‘blawg’ title come from? I’m from an arts background and frankly it makes my inner aesthete shudder. But what is more, every time I read ‘blawg’ I expect a cartoon muskrat to appear and comment on my shortcomings.

[Edit. According to this the source was

“Denise Howell, who coined the term “blawg” as shorthand for “law blog,” is considered one of blogging’s pioneers. She says the nascent days of legal-oriented blogs were marked by a frontier spirit that was equal parts anticipation and exhilaration.”

I guess that wild west moment is why I hear Deputy Dawg.]

Thank you, Mr Holmes, for a very pleasant surprise.

Giles Peaker is a solicitor and partner in the Housing and Public Law team at Anthony Gold Solicitors in South London. You can find him on Linkedin and on Twitter. Known as NL round these parts.


  1. Mike Mason

    So…are you a solicitor then?

    I am an accountant (with large firm – very big on computers)….and am amazed that solicitors seem to be so entirely clueless when it comes to IT.

    What the accountants do today – the lawyers will do tomorrow…or even the day after. So ..your time will come.

  2. Nick Holmes

    I may be longer in the tooth than you – I don’t know. But no need to call me Mr Holmes. We are all chums in the ether. Nick will do fine.
    As you’ve no doubt discovered, there are depressingly few UK law blogs, and there are few of that small pool who write in an engaging style. You are one of those. Hence the plaudits.
    BTW I cannot figure out the “Sally Field” headline. Enlighten me.


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