John Healy saves the world*

*Not really. The current housing minister, who holds the current record for the number of times a housing minister’s name can be mentioned in a press release, has announced forthcoming legislation, in response to the Rugg report. More details here [link to PDF]. The announced headlines are as follows, then we’ll take a look at […]

Its all in the name

The Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 (Registration of Local Authorities) Order 2010 has just been laid before Parliament in draft form, to come into effect on April 1, 2010. A copy is available here. In short, it makes it compulsory for local authorities which provide or intend to provide social housing to register with the […]

Rent Repayment Orders

As well as the process of criminal convictions and fines which results from the failure to have the necessary property licence as required by the Housing Act 2004 there is a further penalty which can be imposed on unlicensed landlords.  This is the Rent Repayment Order or RRO. The RRO allows the occupiers of a […]

On the Naughty Step

And what a thoroughly deserving new entrant to the roll we have in Anthony Carroll, apparently known as ‘Uncle Tony’, although ‘Uncle’ to whom and whether any Godfather style references were intended is not at all clear. Mr Carroll is a Nottingham based landlord, apparently with quite a few properties, including student lets. Unfortunately, Mr […]

Telling the TSA what to do

The Government in the form of the DCLG has issued its response to consultation on the directions it is to give the Tenant Services Authority under s.197 Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 and also the directions on regulatory standards themselves. The directions for social housing relate to rent, quality of accommodation and involvement of tenants […]

Extending the role of the TSA

The Government has just issued a consultation paper (available here) on extending the TSAs regulatory role to local housing authorities. Whilst the document is expressed to be a consultation, the tone of the document suggests that the Government is already minded to take such a step. April 2010 is expressly identified as the likely date […]

Peverse incentive

We don’t usually cover gypsy & traveller planning permission cases, since they tend to turn on their own facts, but Rafferty and another v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and another [2009] EWCA Civ 809 has one point of wider importance. The appellants owned a site (comprised of two separate plots) at […]

Shocking lack

And I apologise for the pun in the title, which is in dubious taste. Normally on NL, we restrict putting our view on matters to a few comments or the odd, albeit caustic, remark. But the events and legal requirements that are set out in this story from the RLA newsletter are such that we […]

Tales from the pink campervan

The Tenants Services Authority (the new regulatory body for RSLs and, from April 2010, local authorities) has been holding a “national conversation” with tenants, touring round in a pink campervan amongst other engagement techniques. The outcome from that, and from broader regulatory conversations one suspects, is Building a New Regulatory Framework: A Discussion Paper. This […]