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Don’t be a newcomer

One of the best known judgment in the English speaking world is Miller v Jackson [1977] QB 966. The start of the judgment of Denning LJ (for it is he) is worth setting out, just to remind you all: In summertime village cricket is the delight of everyone....

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Landlord liability for nuisance

The extent to which a landlord can be liable for the acts of his tenants is a vexed topic, which we've discussed on a number of occasions before. The cases rather lean against liability. It is, therefore, very interesting to find Mackay J allowing a claim in...

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No room for ravers

Oluić v Croatia (application no. 61260/08) is a decision of the First Section of the European Court of Human Rights demonstrating, if further evidence were needed, that Croatia, housing and article 8 just don’t get along all that well. Mrs Oluić complained...

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Trigger happy?

In Barber v Croydon LBC [2010] EWCA Civ 51, the Court of Appeal found Croydon's decision to pursue possession proceedings of a non-secure tenancy occupied by Mr Barber Wednesbury unreasonable, being by my estimation the third such successful use of a gateway...

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It's a confused world out there…

And for the new year, it seems an opportune moment to delve into the Nearly Legal search logs in a vaguely quixotic attempt to provide answers to some of the questions that brought people here. Alternatively, where this is not possible, we can stare in mute...

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