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It's a confused world out there…


And for the new year, it seems an opportune moment to delve into the Nearly Legal search logs in a vaguely quixotic attempt to provide answers to some of the questions that brought people here. Alternatively, where this is not possible, we can stare in mute bewilderment at what was behind the question…

It is with the latter that we begin
tolata mother and daughter inheritance tax and succession with a will
Just how much can you stuff into one short question? And without giving us any idea what is actually going on?

rehousing on asthma grounds lambeth
I’m resisting the temptation to make the obvious joke about Asthma Grounds being a surprisingly pleasant low rise estate. If your current housing is having an impact on your asthma, you may get a medicial priority, but as far as I recall from Lambeth’s allocation scheme, it is not likely to be a high priority. You should see a local independent housing advisor, as a lot depends on the specific details.

not paid rent from and onwards
Are you boasting imprecisely or complaining without detail?

tenant gas inspection statutory nuisance
If you mean can a gas inspection be a statutory nuisance, no. If you want a gas inspection and the landlord isn’t carrying one out, this is a serious breach of tenancy conditions and potentially the landlord’s repairing obligations if there is a problem – in which case run, don’t walk, to your nearest housing solicitor, local authority tenancy relations team or housing advisor. If, and I am scratching my head over the statutory nuisance here, the issue is another tenant refusing access for a gas inspection in their property which is affecting yours, then their landlord is the first point of contact and possibly the local authority environmental health and/or the gas co.

charging orders declaration of trust deed
Eh? Trying to avoid a charging order or assign the benefit of one?

music 3 am asb warning
Not bloody surprised. And possibly from the same person, we have…

noise abatement order defence student
Being a student is not going to help. There is no ‘young, irresponsible and drunk much of the time’ defence in the statute.

delegated authority to issue possession proceedings
No – not by an agent or another behalf on of the landlord unless the person is the landlord’s legal representative (meaning a solicitor authorised to sign the claim on the landlord’s behalf). If a power of attorney is involved – maybe and perhaps, but if so only with leave of the court.

will i get evicted for unlawful subletting of shared ownership?
Quite possibly. Depends on the precise terms of the lease, but it is likely to be either a lease or an assured tenancy and under either a sublet is likely prohibited. You appear to know that this is the case as you call it unlawful, If it is, then it is a significant breach of lease/tenancy and the landlord could probably seek possession.

unlawfully evicted illegal subletting
I think the answer is in the question. Unless, of course, you were thrown out without a possession order having been obtained against the tenant who unlawfully let to you…

i am a tennant in a house where the bank have a posession order can i make them an offer on the property uk
You can, of course. There is absolutely no guarantee that they will take any notice of you whatsoever.

quick access to adverse possesion in luton
It is no quicker in Luton than anywhere else. 10 years now. You’ll just have to wait.

plural of criterea
What are they teaching the children in school these days? Any fule no it is criterion.

dyslexics could not understand legal contracts
Words fail me.

southwark housing act regarding repair before tenancy commence
There is a legal requirement that a property be fit for human habitation when it is let as a furnished property, but this is a pretty low threshold in any event. Otherwise, repairs are not enforceable (assuming that they are repairs for which the landlord is liable under the tenancy agreement and s.11 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) until the tenancy has begun. However, it is worth checking Southwark’s tenancy agreement, allocation policy and other documents for any statements of the minimum standard of housing to be provided. These may be useful. Off the top of my head and without them in front of me, I couldn’t say.

the courts have given me a suspended sentance for rent arrears what does this mean
That you got a really, really tough District Judge? I presume you mean suspended possession order – if so, it means make the payments set out in the suspended order or your landlord can ask the court for a warrant to evict you. Until May 2009, it would have meant a lot of other things as well, none of them good, but at least now you remain a tenant.

when did was secure tenancy introduced
1980, it did was.

i have been living as a tolerated trespasser for 6 years can i be evicted
The good news is that you aren’t a tolerated trespasser any more and haven’t been since May 2009 – you have a ‘replacement tenancy’ of some kind. The bad news is that the original possession order is still there, so if you haven’t paid off the rent arrears – if that is what it was – you still could be evicted, but your landlord would probably need to apply to the court for permission to apply for a warrant, as the possession order is over 6 years old.

first essex high court
There may be High Courts outside London now, but this is just a little ahead of its time. The Billericay High Court is not sitting yet…

can sister claim possession of my property
I have absolutely no idea. I am not acquainted with your sister or your property or the relationship between them.

how many weeks make a year
There are limits to our public service remit. Out of curiosity, I googled this. NL is at the bottom of page one – for a post called ‘How many weeks make 8′. Above NL are about 10 links that all say ’52, idiot. I can’t believe you are asking this’. So this person clicked on the link to NL…

Giles Peaker is a solicitor and partner in the Housing and Public Law team at Anthony Gold Solicitors in South London. You can find him on Linkedin and on Twitter. Known as NL round these parts.


  1. Simon

    Sometimes for rent purposes there can be 53 weeks in a year if you are paying weekly in advance.

    • NL

      But technically that is how many rent days are there in a year, to which the answer has to be ‘depends’, and still doesn’t explain why a post called ‘how many weeks make 8’ came to be so attractive to this searcher.

  2. Michael Scutt

    A quality post. I particularly liked the comment about dyslexics and “noise abatement defence student”. How unreasonable to expect students to behave like civilized human beings. Mind you, I would probably have tried to run that defence when I was a student.

    It’s a shame that this didn’t come out two days ago for my blog of blogs review.

    Best regards

  3. JH

    …and some councils only have 48 rent weeks in a year, with 4 free….or should that be 49 weeks?

  4. Suzanne McClure

    this made me laugh out loud, thanks

  5. JH

    For all you cryptic crossword fans how about – get over noise abatement defence students

    • NL

      Wrong end of the day for me to de-crypt – and I’m also now writing up a post Weaver JR that should interest you.

  6. Jim Paton

    Quick access to adverse occupation is readily available in Luton as elsewhere. It’s called squatting. There’s a handbook.

    Of course, you’re right about the period of adverse occupation required to claim a possessory title now being 10 years, but in practice this has scarcely arisen yet. Most claims concern much more lengthy adverse occupations and are still subject to the transitional provisions. Anyone who had completed 12 years add. occ. by 13th October 2003 should apply to the Land Registry now. The difference is that under the new 10-year regime the “paper owner” will be given a further 2 years to evict you, whereas under the transitional provisions they don’t get that opportunity.

  7. JH

    G et
    O ver
    N oise
    A batement
    D efence
    S tudents

    Apt for students really!

    Look forward to post Weaver post

    • NL

      Searching for the clue in the question ;-)

      Weaver post now up – it is an epic.

  8. simply wondered

    i thought asthma grounds lambeth was condemned when they found the asbestos


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