The oxygen of publicity: Paratus and Moore Blatch LLP

Not strictly speaking a housing case, though it is a mortgage repossession matter. But when a High Court Judge orders that a ‘clear and repeated contempt of court should attract proper sanction in the form of publicity’, who are we to refuse to assist? Paratus AMC Ltd v Lewis [2014] EWHC 1577 (Ch) Mr Lewis […]

Oh Mr Ghopee.

God, we are told, loves a trier. Perhaps fortunately, the Court of Appeal takes a less emollient approach with an unlawful money lender who has been repeatedly featured on this site. Ghana Commercial Finance Ltd v Sawyer & Anr [2014] EWCA Civ 489 [Not on Bailii yet. I’ve seen a transcript]. Ghana Commercial Finance is […]

Gopee & Barons Finance. Return of the Mackie QC

The interim judgment in the Mercantile Court proceedings that gave rise to the Order I posted a few days ago has appeared on Bailli. Barons Finance Ltd & Ors v Numerous Defendants [2014] EWHC 138 (QB) There is quite simply too much to deal with in a post. It is a remarkable judgment and should […]

Dharam Ghopee and Barons Finance. End of the road?

[Update. 5 Feb 2014. The important Judgment of HHJ Mackie QC that led to the order below is now on Bailii. See this post.] A few days ago, I posted an order made by HHJ Mackie QC in the Mercantile Court in July 2013 in relation to Mr Dharam Prakash Ghopee. I have now received […]

The Importance of Being Earnest

Santander (UK) Plc v Carlin & Anor [2013] NICh 14 We have seen Santander having trouble in mortgage possession proceedings in Northern Ireland recently. Here is another example which could perhaps, indeed maybe should, have been avoided, if the lender had actually taken proceedings sufficiently seriously. Mr Carlin was appealing a possession order obtained by […]

The Master across the water

Santander (UK) Plc v McAtamney and other cases [2013] NIMaster 15 is, as the neutral citation should reveal, a case from Northern Ireland, decided by a Chancery Master. It is not, therefore, a binding authority on the law of England and Wales. Nevertheless, it is very interesting and, as we’ll see, highly persuasive. The claimant […]

Urgent appeals in warrant suspension cases

We’ve all been there. Perhaps more frequently, litigants in person have been there (although hopefully not the same LiP over and over again). A warrant for possession is due to be executed the next day. It may even be the same day. The occupier has applied to a District Judge to suspend the warrant. The […]

What a tangled web…

[Update 22/01/2014 – Anyone concerned with proceedings brought by Mr Ghopee under any company name should see this new post] Since our post on Barons Finance Limited, we’ve heard various things about the property and landlord related activities of Barons Finance and assorted other companies under the control of Dharam Prakash Gopee. As it appears that […]

Barons Finance Ltd

[Update 22/01/2014 – Anyone concerned with proceedings brought by Mr Ghopee under any company name should see this new post] [Important updated information at the end of the post 13/02/2013] Barons Finance Ltd & Reddy Corporation Ltd v Makanju [2013] EWHC 153 (QB) was an application for permission to appeal, brought by Mr Makanju, against […]