Single room rate and social housing

[Updated 15 March, see below] Joe Halewood, who runs a fine blog on supported housing at SPeye, has unearthed a rather alarming statement from the DWP buried in the impact assessment on under occupation changes to HB for social housing from October 2011. The passage (at para 5) reads: “From 1 April 2013 it is […]

Successful gateway (b) defence!

London Borough of Southwark v Hyacienth 22.12.2011 is that incredibly rare, beautiful thing: a successful gateway (b) defence to a mandatory possession claim in relation to an introductory tenancy.  At least, I think it is: unfortunately, it’s not clear whether it is a successful proportionality defence, and the circuit judge (who shall remain nameless as […]

Proportionality. A precis on ‘summary’

Holmes v Westminster City Council [2011] EWHC 2857 (QB) An interesting appeal from a summary possession order on the issue of consideration of proportionality. While the outcome is not, perhaps, a surprise, some of the arguments are. Plus this is an example of the High Court grappling with how the County Court should approach a […]

And what kind of chocolate would you like your teapot?

The DCLG has put out a consultation, announced by Grant Shapps (again), on proposals to bring in a mandatory ground for possession for Anti Social Behaviour. The closing date is 27 October 2011. I had a look at Shapps’ initial announcement back in January. This time there is a bit more detail. Has it got […]

Safe European Home*

We noted J. L. v the United Kingdom here. Now there are two further English possession cases at the ‘questions to the parties’ stage of the European Court of Human Rights. Birch and Others v UK Application no. 26393/10 Birch arises out of possession proceedings brought by Bedfordshire DC on a property which had been […]

You gotta have an opinion

Hounslow v Powell; Leeds v Hall; Birmingham v Frisby [2011] UKSC 8 [This is probably a work in progress. There may be further additions and comments as people get a chance/have a brainwave. We’ve also ended up writing this as something of a tag team. Chief did most of it and starts us off.] Sometime […]

Hounslow v Powell newsflash

The judgment in London Borough of Hounslow v Powell [2011] UKSC 8 (Aka, Powell, Hall and Frisby) is out. We have a detailed post coming shortly on this significant judgment on proportionality defences after Pinnock, but for now, the headlines are: Introductory tenancies – These are caught  under the proportionality defence. S.127(2) Housing Act 1996 to […]

It’s all in the detail – Pinnock part 2

Manchester City Council v Pinnock [2010] UKSC 6 As if to confirm that housing law is, well, complicated, there is a coda to the Supreme Court decision in Manchester City Council v Pinnock, which has led to a supplementary judgment being handed down. This deals with what order should be made and costs. The first […]

Social housing reform “consultation”

The heavily trailed (eg here and here), “cataclysmic” consultation paper on social housing reforms has been published by CLG today.  There is much to digest and much will be left to individual PRPs and local authorities to work out.  The “consultation” is limited either to specific groups or to more specific issues without challenging the […]

Brave New World or Same Old Story

Pinnock v Manchester City Council [2010] UKSC 45 (Supreme Court pdf & BAILII links) Whenever a battle weary group of housing lawyers gets together, conversation inevitably turns (after the routine complaints about the less congenial DJs) to the thorny issue of which is the most important housing law case of all. While bizarre to the […]