Transfers and allocations

In Babakandi v Westminster CC [2011] EWHC 1756 (Admin), Mr Babakandi made a bold challenge to Westminster’s allocation scheme (bold, as in post-Ahmad v Newham LBC) together with other grounds.  Westminster now has a choice-based lettings scheme based on banding applicants in categories A-C (A being the highest) and a different category for sheltered schemes.  […]

Subletting and Pt 6 waiting time on Iplayer

People who unlawfully sublet social housing (often at a vast profit) are, in my view, dishonest and immoral fraudsters who deserve a range of punishments too awful for a family-friendly blog like this to describe. I suspect that the makers of Council Houses: Cheats and Victims (available on Iplayer, here) would agree with me. But, […]

Let’s all move to … Wales*

Forgive the slight delay in picking this up, but the Welsh Assembly has issued a consultation on a new Code of Guidance on allocations and homelessness (closing date 30.06.2011; comments to or by post).  By any stretch, this 271 page document is a real achievement because (a) it refers where necessary to relevant case […]

This is a local town for local people …

Forgive the slight delay, but DCLG published their summary of responses to their Consultation on Local Decisions: A Fairer Future for Social Housing (which we discussed here) on 28 Feb.  The outcome of the consultation appears to be, um, full steam ahead on the Localism Bill.  I have to say that any reader of Inside […]

Yeah but, no but …

Vicky Pollard continues the Chief’s west country theme, albeit somewhat stretched, to demonstrate the Con-Dem approach to consultation about their affordable rent tenancy regime (ie what consultation?).   We now have more detail courtesy of the HCA and a brief ministerial statement from Shapps together with a longer press release of the Shapps saves the world […]

Localism Part Deux

The Localism Bill had a second reading in the Commons yesterday. One amendment (Labour) was tabled and defeated. Looks like the significant amendments will be made in Committee. Not – I must say – the best quality debate ever as it appears to have been mostly about scoring party political points than debating the issues […]

Localism Bill published

The Localism Bill was published yesterday.  I suppose it might be seen as an exciting time for the housing sector – somebody described it as a potential “paradigm shift” at an event I was at last week – but, whether or not that is correct (and it could yet turn out to be), it has […]

Social housing reform “consultation”

The heavily trailed (eg here and here), “cataclysmic” consultation paper on social housing reforms has been published by CLG today.  There is much to digest and much will be left to individual PRPs and local authorities to work out.  The “consultation” is limited either to specific groups or to more specific issues without challenging the […]

Allocations: Overwriting the effective date

One of the key things that choice-based lettings is designed to achieve is openness and transparency in housing allocation (or lettings, if you prefer).  It does so mostly by using a relatively crude mechanism of determining priorities in and between bands/groups/classes: waiting time.  In the early schemes, waiting time could be nobbled by adding periods […]

Allocations: A whiff of reform

And now for a housing-related post … Anybody reading the Sunday Times will have seen Grant Schapps talking about an allocations Consultation Paper that CLG are preparing.  Apparently, this will propose giving local authorities the power to set up their own allocations policies with their own priorities, allowing local people priority over those nasty foreigners […]