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Pick a Counsel, any Counsel…

I have been having a few discussions lately over whom to instruct for some upcoming hearings in cases I’m looking after. And then, by co-incidence, I read Legal Beagle on the barrister’s fear of being briefless. Of course, I realise that barrister’s tendency to look down on solicitors as mere paper jugglers and file carriers […]

Not just me then

Binary Law doesn’t like the Times Online redesign. Good. I loathe it. From intrusive, slow, floating ads (even in Firefox), to an utterly overloaded ad-and-submenu-and-splashspot-laden page, it is dreadful. It makes the Grauniad look like something set out by a Web 2.0 Mies Van Der Rohe, and that is difficult, G*d knows. Parts of the […]

Things fall apart…

the centre cannot hold. Not a good week, all in all. When the legal highlight of the week is some scurrilous story about the DPP and the Criminal Bar Association spokesperson enjoying illict souvlaki together, then we are in trouble. Although two details stood out. A £2 tip on a £26 bill? That is taking […]

Sex, Lies and videotapes redux

And the case is back (scroll down a bit). Yes, the Appeal Court has quashed Roselane Driza’s conviction and ordered a retrial, on the basis of new evidence. Welcome back Judge Khan, Judge J and the publicity shy Brazilian.

Hello to everyone from the Law Society

Having come home to find a huge spike in traffic direct to the blog, I was initially startled to find that the Law Society Professional Update newsletter email had linked to a couple of my posts on the ‘What Price Justice?’ campaign. Whilst I am naturally grateful for the link, I feel duty bound by […]


The theme of the last few days for me, at least in regard to some small corners of the law blog world, has turned out to be the failure of anonymity. Item one: Someone has apparently worked out who Pupilblog is. Item two: I’ve been reading Anonymous Lawyer, the book, in which the difficulty of […]

But I hardly know you

Why do people do it? Why do they sign up for joint tenancies with private landlords together with people they have only just met? I’m sure it all seems terribly exciting, but what are you letting yourself in for with your shiny new shorthold assured tenancy? You and all the joint tenants are ‘jointly and […]

Human Rights and possession claims after Kay v Lambeth

The House of Lords decision in Kay v Lambeth [2006] UKHL 10 addressed Human Rights defences to possession claims, attempting to unify Harrow v Qazi [2004] 1 AC and the subsequent European Court judgement in Connors v United Kingdom [2004] 40 EHRR 189. Qazi effectively ruled out a human rights defence to possession based upon […]

An exercise in avoiding the point

In an adjournment debate on Legal Aid reforms on 11 January 07, the following exchange took place: Ms Karen Buck (Regent’s Park and Kensington, North) (Lab): The Minister said that 60 per cent. of cases will generate more income, and that is the key point, which I suspect will be reiterated several times by those […]

The way we live now

I left this search query out of the last post because the more I thought about it, the more it seemed that this query, and the fact that someone put it into a search engine, somehow crystalised something of Britain in the noughties… supervising the passive agressive employee