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Illegal eviction and the police: Got a story?


Following on from the spate of comments on this post, we have been contacted by a (thoroughly reputable) journalist who would like to write a piece on illegal eviction and, in particular, on police responses and awareness. She is looking for first hand or direct accounts of experiences of police involvement in the course of an illegal eviction. Anyone who would like to make contact — no commitment — please send us an email at the usual address (contact at ) and we’ll forward it on.

Giles Peaker is a solicitor and partner in the Housing and Public Law team at Anthony Gold Solicitors in South London. You can find him on Linkedin and on Twitter. Known as NL round these parts.


  1. AISHA

    I’m going through an illegal eviction at the moment and my landlord has taken all my stuff and changed the locks whilst I’ve been at work. I receieved no notice, and the rent is paid, he just took my home and refuses to talk to me. I’ve gone to the police and reported it as theft and illegal harassment like all the websites say, however they couldn’t help me saying it was a landlord tenant dispute.
    This happened on Saturday, its Monday now and I still have no home or posessions lol.

    • NL

      Aisha, contact your local authority’s tenancy relations team now, straight away. Alternatively, use the link at the top right of the page to find a local housing law specialist. Again, do it straight away.

      The police are completely wrong but I doubt you’ll be able to change their minds.

  2. Iody

    Make a complain to the Metro Police regarding this! Illegal eviction is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE, breaches of Protection from Eviction Act 1977 are CRIMINAL OFFENCES!!! Police must act, even if they dont want or dont know or dont like it! Invoke Breach of the Eviction Act 1977 which is a criminal offence when asking for the Metro Police to deal with your complain and get involved!
    I surely complained against the police for a friend of mine in the same situation! Also u can get a locksmith to open and change the locks of the house, it is your right! If the police and council is informed about the illegal eviction, then u can break in your home at any time, using a locksmith of course.
    Involve the council!
    I know the post is since 2009, is a reply to everyone that might came across it!

  3. Vicki Thompson

    Just had this happened to me…..

    Nobody wants to know………………

  4. sally Eva

    go to your local authority housing or private tenants team. Go to a housing lawyer, go to the Citizens advice Bureau. You can get compensation for all the money you spend trying to cope with being homeless. You need a lawyer. Your local Law Centre etc

    • vicki

      The local council said I was not a tenant as the tenancy has ran out without renewal. I had a hearing date with the court for an appeal to suspend possession but the council said I was not legally a tenant?

      • Giles Peaker

        You need to seek immediate legal advice. You can find a housing solicitor or adviser through the links at the bottom right of this page.

        • Vicki

          I cannot afford a solicitor

        • Giles Peaker

          You may be eligible for legal aid.

        • vicki

          I am not entitled as I do have some money which is for a deposit for a property that I am purchasing and I have to look forward as I am actually homeless after this incident, my furniture is in storage and my dog is in kennels whilst my Son and I are in b & b.

          Does anyone know…. if there is a court hearing for suspension eviction legal without a warrant?

        • Giles Peaker

          Vicki – we can’t give advice via the blog. In any event I couldn’t because I can’t make out what the situation actually is from what you have said. But really, we cannot advise on individual cases.

        • vicki

          ok Thanks

          I am looking for a no win no fee solicitor

        • Vicki

          Thanks but none are local to me.

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