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We few(er)…


I was running through my blawg roll (on the right) earlier and realised I’d have to have a bit of a prune. Anything with no posts since May goes out, I thought.

Courtesy of of Beauteous Babe, Flickr.Blimey, a few surprises there. I’d put some silences down to it (technically) being summer, but it seems that there has been a self induced purge. So, a quick taxonomy of the disparu et perdu (with examples but without links for obvious reasons):

Ran out of vim – just stopped posting for no apparent reason and without so much as a goodbye, leaving a ghost blawg.

Croslandite Barrister, James Medhurst, Outside the Law, Terminological Inexactitudes [Edit 26/08/07 – Apparently not dead, but being mysterious], ukblawgers.

Folded their tents in the night – hang on, there used to be a blawg there! What happened?

The former Legal Scribbles. PSLBlog. [Edit 24/08/07 – PSLblog is alive and well – I missed the address change. The new address is on the right. Thanks Nick.]

The ‘I’m going to post more often, honest’ last post – the clear deathknell.

Civil Litigation and Liability Watch, James Medhurst, Law Apprentice.

A bit of a mystery (and hopefully wrong).

Lawyer-2-be (and also her shiny new blog the-pupil), Belle de Jure. Both (or all three) recently just completely vanished. [Edit 25/08/07 – both are confirmed as gone by choice.]

I’ve not counted much of the coming and going of student blawgs, as transience is arguably in their nature, and there have been some quality newcomers as well, particularly in family law. But that is quite a few interesting and entertaining blawgs down the pan.

Giles Peaker is a solicitor and partner in the Housing and Public Law team at Anthony Gold Solicitors in South London. You can find him on Linkedin and on Twitter. Known as NL round these parts.


  1. Lysa

    Seeing as your blogroll si much lighter, maybe you could add me to the roll. I most definitely am not worth the mettle of some who have gone on but I may grow to be interesting. Check me out at

  2. contact

    Hi Lysa,
    I’d have to say that directly asking for links is sometimes frowned upon as bad form. There are other ways to get your blog noticed and hopefully linked to – a link from your own blog and commenting on other’s posts, for example.

    I’d seen your blog, but, at the risk of sounding pompous, I usually only add blawgs that have been up and running for a while. I am reading yours, though…


  3. contact

    Thanks Nick.
    I will re-add the new link for PSL Blog.
    Legal Scribbles/Martin – the what is going on was my point.

    Good to know I was wrong on one count.

  4. Lysa

    Forgive my ignorance, I am a more than a bit rusty on blogging etiquette. Thanks for that clarification. At least, it’s good to know that your eyes have glanced at my blog at least once.

    Well, I plan to be up and running for 2 years at least, hopefully at the end of that tenure I will be more experienced not only in blooging but the law. Keep safe.

  5. lawminx

    I’ve been blawggin ( yuk, I HATE that word!) since April, but, bieng a humble BVC Student (and a bit, well, silly in all fairness)and therefore rather transient, I’d guess that’s me out too….. :(

  6. lawminx

    Bugger ! I’ve just realised You have linked me!! OOPS! Silly SILLY me! ( nothing new!! ) Apologies!!! :)

  7. contact

    Lawminx – thank you for making what was otherwise a fairly crappy day. I had to mop up the coffee spill – the bill is on its way.

    Lysa – I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t post before 7 am/my third coffee. I didn’t mean to sound like a arsehole. All it comes down to are that there are a lot of newcomer law student blawgs, many of which last but a few weeks, and there are all too many to keep track of in my blogroll. So, brutally, I see who keeps going and which are interesting/entertaining. You are on my reading list…

    But it is true about asking for links being a bit iffy. If you think about it, it makes sense – a good blog has good content and that also suggests that its links are worth following – so for a blogger adding links from anyone who just asks is a potentially a problem. Note, not that I’m claiming any particular status in this way for my humble blog or dismissing your blog. I just don’t link to startups (with a very few exceptions).

  8. PSLBlogger

    I confess my postings haven’t been as frequent as I would like recently, but I’m still around, and intend to be for a long time yet – and now holidays are over I’ll be getting back to blogging, work permitting.

    Thanks to Nick for pointing out my new link.

  9. contact

    PSLBlogger – glad to hear it and sorry for not having the new address before.

  10. Charon

    We will never surrender…

  11. Alex @ IMPACT(R)


    The IMPACT(R) blog is still live and very much kicking, reporting on IP & IT legal developments in the UK and elsewhere.

    Keep up the good work :-)

  12. contact

    Hi Alex – a good thing too. You are, as always, in my blog roll.

  13. Geeklawyer

    Thank heavens you didn’t have;

    People still blogging that we wish wouldn’t: Geeklawyer.”


  14. contact

    Not that I wasn’t tempted…

  15. emmap

    It’s reassuring to see that we are not alone in or all too frequent reaffirmations to blog more often, only to let it fall down our list of important things to do….. here’s to us all actually doing it in 2015 and avoiding the ‘cull’…



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