Northern Waters

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing Ltd v Izevbigie (2017) EWHC 790 (CH) (not on Bailii yet, Judgment is here) Rochdale BH is a social housing provider (of what was the council’s housing stock). The issue in this case – heard as a preliminary issue – was whether Rochdale BH was a water reseller under the terms of The […]

Greenwich has problems with water

The ramifications of Jones v London Borough of Southwark (2016) EWHC 457 (Ch) (our report) rumble on. Following the finding that Southwark were a water reseller for the purposes of The Water Resale Order 2006 in adding water rates to the tenants’ rent, it is not a surprise that attention has turned to other councils (and housing associations) […]

Nor any drop to drink

This is potentially huge. There could be millions of pounds at stake and possibly many councils and housing associations affected. It might only mean a pound or so per tenant per week, but definitely 37,000 and potentially 375,000 tenants are involved, over periods of years. Jones v London Borough of Southwark [2016] EWHC 457 (Ch) […]

Water Under the Bridge

Rochdale Borough Council v Dixon [2011] EWCA Civ 1173 Apologies for the late delivery of this case note which has been held up by a blizzard (of work rather than the kind afflicting the Eastern USA). This case is somewhat complicated and involved so you will have to bear with me. In summary it consists […]