‘Duty of care’ – Not in housing allocation

Darby v Richmond on Thames London Borough Council [2017] EWCA Civ 252 Many of you, I suspect, will be like me – you hear from clients, prospective clients, tenants etc., on a very frequent basis that in making a housing decision, or indeed in not making it, the council or housing association has ‘breached its duty […]

Asked, but not necessarily answered

After the excitements of Kay v UK, the LSC Judicial Review and the coming into force of (bits) of the Equalities Act – on which we will have a post shortly – there is a bit of a lull before the floods of new housing case law start up again. So, time for another trawl […]

Housing Benefit limits

You’ve probably already seen this, but new upper limits on housing benefit rates are to be introduced from next April (2011). For a three bed house, the upper limit will be £340 per week For a four bed house, the upper limit will be £400 per week LHA will be limited to between £250 and […]

The end of the road

X v LB Hounslow [2009] EWCA Civ 286. When news of X first reached the NL team, the near unanimous response was one of pleasure at the result. Once we obtained a transcript and saw the reasoning of the trial judge, it became clear not only that an appeal would be pursued but that it […]

Transferred Trespassers

As it stands, Schedule 11 of the Housing and Regeneration Act will end the existence of tolerated trespassers who meet these conditions: (i) the home condition is met (ie that the dwelling house remains the ex-tenant’s only or principal home). (ii) the ex-landlord is entitled to let the dwelling-house, and (iii) the ex-landlord and the […]

Duty to protect update 1

Update on this case from Friday 24 May. No judgment available yet that I have seen, but there is a further new story on the Hounslow case at 24dash.com, which gives a few more details. Specifically, the negligent failure found was that housing did not invoke emergency transfer processes, despite a) social services involvement with […]

A duty to protect?

A case is reported in the Guardian which apparently extends local authorities’ duty to protect tenants from third parties to include vulnerable adults, not only children. A couple, both with learning difficulties, were terrorised in their flat by a group of youths over two days, during which they were assaulted and abused. Hounslow Council had […]