When more means less

Green v Sinclair Investments Limited Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court. 11 June 2010 This is a County Court and non-binding tenancy deposit case reported in September 2010 Legal Action ‘Recent Developments’. But it is interesting and harks back to a problem we discussed a while ago, the meaning of ‘must also’ in s.214(4) Housing Act […]

New Tenancy Deposit Cases in Legal Action

Our new copy of Legal Action flopped onto the mat here at Nearly Legal Towers this morning. Looking at the reported cases a pair of tenancy deposit matters caught my eye. One of these we have already written about here. In Baafi v Mapp, Central London County Court, 24 June 2010 a landlord had sought […]

All mimsy were the borogoves

The Jabberwock of the tenancy deposit scheme came whiffling again, in the tulgey wood of Northampton County Court. This time it was the clause that catch to beware of. And there’s a disrepair claim in there too. Paula O’Brien v Jacqueline Jones & Andrew Alexander (T/A Belvoir Huntingdon). Claim No 9KG00335 12/02/2010 [On Lawtel for […]

Waiting For Tiensia

A case in Central London CC has considered the meaning of ‘received’ in relation to tenancy deposit protection.

Tenancy Deposits: A retrospective

In advance of the brace of Court of Appeal hearings on the tenancy deposit scheme (TDS), contained in sections 212-4 and Schedule 10, Housing Act 2004, and after the High Court decision in Draycott & Draycott v Hannells (discussed with additional, important comments here), I have been spurred on to think about the original purpose […]

Two weeks, three months, whatever. TDS in the High Court.

Draycott & Draycott -v- Hannells Letting Limited [2010] EWHC 217 (QB) This is the first High Court judgment on the tenancy deposit scheme element of the Housing Act 2004 and thus the first that is binding on all lower (County) Courts. This is therefore a significant decision. This was an appeal by Hannells from a […]

Tenancy Deposit – renewal of tenancy again

Bihari v House Trader (UK ) Limited. 14 January 2010, Central London County Court While we wait for the forthcoming High Court and Court of Appeal decisions in tenancy deposit cases, here is a tenancy deposit appeal, but, alas, only to a Circuit Judge, so not binding. Mr B rented a two bed property from […]