How Limited is that Partnership?

Salvesen and Riddell & Anor v. The Lord Advocate (Scotland) [2013] UKSC 22 It is not common for us to cover Scots Law, or Agricultural Law, here. However, both mores are to be broken in the face of an interesting convention decision from the Supreme Court. Facts You will have to bear with me as […]

The Supreme Court on iplayer

For those who can’t get enough of “the brilliant Baroness“, there is (on the BBC iplayer) a quite excellent programme about the operation of the Supreme Court. Baroness Hale is interviewed at length and, once again, demonstrates her enormous (but thoroughly charming) intellect. There is a housing-law aspect to it; the BBC were clearly filming […]

The bottled water of principle

There is an interesting interview with Baroness Hale of the Supreme Court on the UKSC blog, (also reposted on the Guardian Law site, which has been really rather good since launch). It is well worth a read, not only for Lady Hale fighting for the separation of the Supreme Court from Government by insisting on […]