Re-classifying housing associations

Slightly under the radar (possibly), but of enormous significance, the ONS has re-classified housing associations (or private registered providers of social housing – in the new language which I can’t get used to) as private sector, and in so doing has wiped around £60billion off the public sector debt.  It is this re-classification which has given […]

Human Rights at Home

The EHRC has released guidance for social housing providers on the relevance of human rights to social housing provision and managment and on how to comply. The guidance can be downloaded here [link to pdf]

An ugly metaphor

This is the Strata Tower, less than proud winner of Building Design’s 2010 Carbuncle Cup, awarded to the ugliest new building in the country for its ‘odour of boy musk’, ‘grim stridency’ and for auditioning for a ‘James Bond title sequence in the Elephant and Castle’. (I must note that the nomination was from the […]

Housing policy dribbles

Or the good, the bad and the ugly from the Housing minister and the Communities and Local Government secretary. Grant Shapps, housing minister has been setting out some plans, or perhaps aspirations. Mostly, these seem to involve encouraging people to buy houses. And encouraging mortgage lenders to lend more to people to buy houses. Via […]

The good, the bad and the aesthetically challenged

‘Building Britain’s Future’, a broad Government policy direction document, has been put out and must be regarded as an early draft of the Labour election manifesto. As people may well have heard, social housing and the allocation thereof features in the plan. If you skip to page 82 of the full PDF, the suggestions are […]

Tales from the pink campervan

The Tenants Services Authority (the new regulatory body for RSLs and, from April 2010, local authorities) has been holding a “national conversation” with tenants, touring round in a pink campervan amongst other engagement techniques. The outcome from that, and from broader regulatory conversations one suspects, is Building a New Regulatory Framework: A Discussion Paper. This […]

Equality Bill – request for help

As we noted here, the Government’s new Equality Bill brings together various bits of anti-discrimination legislation and extends some of them.  One area that is extended is protection against age discrimination, which is now covered by Part 3, in respect of goods, facilities and services.  It is not however covered by Part 4 which deals […]

The Equality Bill

A new Equality Bill was a flagship manifesto commitment and it was finally published at the end of April.  The Bill receives its second reading in the House of Commons today.  While the Bill is primarily consolidating and tidying up existing law there are four important parts that may affect housing law: Disability discrimination in […]

Housing waiting lists in Parliament

Yesterday the House of Commons debated a Conservative Party motion on housing waiting lists: That this House notes that social housing waiting lists have increased to a record 1.8 million families, over 4.5 million people, over the last 12 months; recognises that the Government’s policies have reduced levels of house-building across all tenures; cautions that […]

Councils bribing tenants shock!

In apparent confirmation both that the Times is now a tabloid newspaper and that today was a quiet news day, this was the lead story in Saturday’s Times. I’ll just quote the opening sentence: Council tenants are being offered £30,000 bribes or cottages by the sea to vacate their homes for credit crunch victims as […]