Shared ownership, Art 8 and A1P1

The entrepreneurialisation of social housing over the last twenty years has led to a diversity in the types of shared ownership.  Of course, the standard leasehold type (what in the old days was called DIYSO) predominates, but there are a multitude of other types.  In Ker v Optima Community Association [2013] EWCA Civ 579, the Court of […]

Housing policy dribbles

Or the good, the bad and the ugly from the Housing minister and the Communities and Local Government secretary. Grant Shapps, housing minister has been setting out some plans, or perhaps aspirations. Mostly, these seem to involve encouraging people to buy houses. And encouraging mortgage lenders to lend more to people to buy houses. Via […]

Richardson v Midland Heart appeal is no more

We have had confirmation that the appeal of the decision in Richardson v Midland Heart (our detailed note here), on shared ownership, assured tenancies and leasehold interests, has been discontinued. Rumour has it that there is another appeal in a similar shared ownership case due fairly shortly, so this may well not be the end […]

Statutory Instruments to read by the pool

Apparently Dan Brown (he of “The Da Vinci Code” nonsense) is bringing out a new book shortly. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to read it. Especially given that there are (just this week!) three relevant statutory instruments to consider. Ideal poolside reading if I ever saw it. The first two are the Housing […]

Shared Ownership – Midland Heart with benefit of transcript

The earlier post on this shared ownership possession case, Richardson v Midland Heart Ltd, (November 2007 Birmingham) attracted a lot of comment, some of it excitable and ill-informed (and much of that from me). Nearly Legal now has a copy of the judgment, and the benefit of time and reflection to go on. Before we […]

Lack of ownership in shared ownership

[Edit 15/09/08. It now looks like the following judgment is a) being appealed shortly and b) may only have been a County Court judgment, not High Court – this latter point is not clear but reliable sources say County Court] [Edit 18/09/08.  In the comments to this post, a few people, mostly being me, were […]