The Something Must Be Done Bill, Calais edition

The Rent Act 1957 introduced the requirement for a court order for eviction from a tenancy. That is 58 years of eviction without due process of law being unlawful. But no matter, for Something Must Be Done to deter people who have spent months on perilous journeys across continents and are currently sleeping under an […]

Let’s all move to Wales …*

Yesterday, the Welsh Government published the Renting Homes (Wales) Bill.  The Bill seeks to implement the Law Commission’s Renting Homes Bill, with some major amendments partly reflecting the devolution settlement (ie what can be done) and partly to update the Bill.  There are also some rather interesting and slightly more subtle alterations in the Welsh […]

How Limited is that Partnership?

Salvesen and Riddell & Anor v. The Lord Advocate (Scotland) [2013] UKSC 22 It is not common for us to cover Scots Law, or Agricultural Law, here. However, both mores are to be broken in the face of an interesting convention decision from the Supreme Court. Facts You will have to bear with me as […]

This is a local town for local people …

Forgive the slight delay, but DCLG published their summary of responses to their Consultation on Local Decisions: A Fairer Future for Social Housing (which we discussed here) on 28 Feb.  The outcome of the consultation appears to be, um, full steam ahead on the Localism Bill.  I have to say that any reader of Inside […]

Carrots and sticks – travellers’ sites

News from Mr Pickles and the DCLG Item 1. The Government is to bring s.318 Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 into force, finally according travellers on authorised sites the same security as those who come under the Mobile Homes Act. Hurrah. Item 2. Planning circulars regarding construction of authorised travellers sites are being scrapped. Apparently […]

A farewell to the pink campervan?

It appears that the Tenant Services Authority is living on borrowed time and is on route to being the shortest lived social housing regulator ever, having got its full powers only in April 2010. There will probably be an announcement at the Chartered Institute of Housing conference, next week. See this interview with Grant Shapps, […]

Of fair rents, disrepair and unreasonable temptations

Ahmed & Ors v Murphy [2010] EWHC 453 (Admin) This was an appeal to the High Court of a decision by the London Rent Assessment Committee (LRAC) that the maximum fair rent payable by Mr Murphy for the flat in Brick Lane, Spitalfields was £8.50 per week. The appeal was brought by the landlords, the […]

Way too secure

Gauci v Malta [2009] ECHR 1280 [Link is to rtf] Hat-tip to the Garden Court Bulletin for this one. Mr G owned a property in Malta. It had been let under a 25 year tenancy agreement in 1975. On the expiry of that agreement, the tenants, who owed other property themselves, were able to exercise […]