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s.202 review

How many reviews?

In R(B) v Redbridge LBC [2019] EWHC 250 (Admin), Jeremy Johnson QC, sitting as a Deputy Judge, was required to adjudicate on what is, as far as I am concerned, a really important point of practice, given the nature and continuing obligations of suitability...

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Homeless Counties

A brief note on what I think was a homelessness s.204 appeal, but have only a local newspaper report to go on. The issue was the status of the review officer, and specifically, whether St Albans District Council had, as it purported to do, contracted out its...

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Contracting out reviews

In Karaj v Three Rivers DC [2011] EWCA Civ 768, Ward and Rimer LJJ granted permission to appeal on what appears to be the "Shacklady" issue (links to our report), viz whether a failure to follow the proper rules regarding the contracting out of the review...

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Face time

Makisi & Ors v Birmingham City Council [2011] EWCA Civ 355 Does the right to make oral submissions to a review officer on a s.202 Housing Act 1996 review, following a 'minded to' letter, mean that the applicant has the right to insist on a meeting? This...

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What to review?

Nzamy v Brent London Borough Council Court of Appeal, January 26, 2011 [Arden eflash 420. Not on Bailii yet, but we've seen a transcript of the extempore judgment] The appellant and family were in permanent accomodation provided by Brent following a previous...

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