How did this happen?

…. or something to that effect, is what I imagine HHJ Purle QC said when he got the papers in Pick (Trustee in bankruptcy of Sharon Sumpter) v Sharon Sumpter & George Sumpter, Chancery Division, 3.2.10 – Lawtel note only The claimant, as trustee in bankruptcy of the respondents sought an order for possession and […]

Unwelcome in the valleys

While we are in Wales and with thanks to the Garden Court housing bulletin, we report an Ombudsman’s decision Complaint against Cardiff CC 200702358 [pdf] Mr Davies and Miss Brown complained about Cardiff Council’s failure to deal with noise nuisance and threatening behaviour from Mr Williams over a period of some years. All parties were […]

Of Car Parks, Caravans and Councillor's commitments

The City & Council of Swansea v Christine Joyce (and others) Cardiff District Registry, Chancery Division 31 March 2009 7CF30099 This is an example of a post Doherty public law defence at first hearing, and one that succeeded where an alternative defence of estoppel didn’t. Two Traveller families, the Joyces and the McDonaghs, had been […]

L & Q Change Practice on Ground 8

News has come our way (circuitously) of a change in practice by London and Quadrant on the use of Ground 8, the mandatory ground for possession on the basis of rent arrears in respect of assured tenancies, from 01 August. Apparently, they will now only use it in “exceptional circumstances” (eg abandonment). Maybe others will […]

"Unauthorised tenancies": New Consultation

I have found myself unaccountably lethargic post-lunch, so when the Chief put us on to the new DCLoG consultation document on “unauthorised tenancies” I jumped at the opportunity to post on it.  It’s a beautifully produced document with lots of pictures, about a small but immensely important issue: a borrower, in breach of the mortgage […]

Two homes, two MPs and an EDMO

EDMOs, a remarkable power given to local authorities under Housing Act 2004 to take control of an abandoned or unused residential property and let it (and charge the owner for most of the related costs of doing so), have been used remarkably rarely – I am informed some 29 decisions on orders have been made […]

Kay re-stated

And the question of what Doherty actually means rumbles on. Central Bedfordshire Council v Taylor & Ors [2009] EWCA Civ 613 was the Court of Appeal hearing of an appeal from a Circuit Judge’s decision to make an outright possession order and, in particular, to refuse to make findings of fact as a basis for […]

RSL meet HRA, HRA meet RSL

Well, well, well.  Or perhaps well, well, oh heck.  The Court of Appeal has handed down its judgment in R (Weaver) v London & Quadrant Housing Trust [2009] EWCA Civ 587 and, by a majority, L&Q have lost. It will be remembered that Mrs Weaver was a tenant of L&Q.  L&Q sought to evict her, […]