The wrong doctors

R(Al-Ali) v Brent LBC (2018) EWHC 3634 (Admin) (not on Bailii. We have seen a judgment and it is also reported in March 2019 Legal Action Housing: recent developments). There is, I think little of legal significance in this judicial review permission decision, but there are some helpful hints for anyone thinking of fabricating evidence. […]

Priority through dizziness?

Hussain v London Borough of Hounslow [2010] EW Misc 15 (CC) (01 December 2010) Not sure why this one wasn’t written up in November. I thought we’d covered it, but apparently not. It is worth a look not just on the specific issues but as the pre-amble sets out the relevant statute and case law […]

Age Assessment and Medical Reports

Apologies for not getting this one out on Friday or over the weekend. It was on my list, but, frankly, the details of this were off my usual turf and it took an hour or several to digest and fit in place. So, only a day or so late… A v London Borough of Croydon […]

Vulnerability and incapacity benefit

Mangion v Lewisham LBC only appears on lawtel as an ex tempore judgment on 11.12.08 so if somebody out there has a transcript/better note of the Court of Appeal’s judgment, that would be helpful to understand this decision. What appears to have happened is that Ms Mongian had alcohol and back problems. Lewisham found her […]