When an ‘or’ is an ‘and’ in Wales

Evans v Fleri (2019) EW Misc 12 (CC) A lesson in drafting from Wales. The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 provides at Section 7(1) The landlord of a dwelling subject to a domestic tenancy must not do any of the things described in subsection (2) in respect of the dwelling unless – (a) the landlord is […]

On the naughty step – Physician heal thyself edition

If Nearly Legal has a mantra, it is this: “Everyone should have a housing lawyer with them at all times”. Or, at the bare minimum, a landlord and tenant lawyer. We had taken the reasonableness of this to be self-evident. However, it seems even this basic safety net might not be enough. Meet Lewis Perry, […]

PRS enforcement corner

Three items relating to PRS licensing/HMO regulations and property management enforcement, with some added harassment of tenants thrown in. Thanks to Dean Underwood at Cornerstone for news of this Magistrates Court case. London Borough of Waltham Forest v Tuitt 11 November 2016 Mr T owns the freehold of a mid terrace house, converted into 4 […]

Outsourced temporary accommodation

Many local authorities use private accommodation for temporary accommodation under Housing Act 1996 Part VII. This may be by an LA ALMO ‘managing agency’, on which more at another time, or by licence agreements with private agencies. One of the latter came to grief in Birmingham in 2008 and the decision to abandon the agency […]

HMO licensing actually working?

Thanks to Tessa at landlordlaw for pointing me to this news snippet from Liverpool, in which the HMO licensing scheme is not only enforced, but the Local Authority aids the tenants, Following conviction of the landlords, Raymond Whalley, and Ray Whalley Ltd, in the Liverpool Magistrates Court for operating an HMO without a licence, with […]