Look inside Westminster

In which the Nearly Legal team gain exclusive access to a (highly) fictionalised account of one man’s inside view of legislation currently going through Parliament, insofar as it relates to housing *** Morley Peckwitch, Member of Parliament for Dunny-on-the-Wold, leaned against the bar in the Smoking Room. It was a little after 11pm on 2 […]

Equality Act 2010

I’m going to level with you, dear reader(s), I’m a bit late with this one. In my defence, I point to the fact that the Act as printed is around 250 pages long, consisting of 218 sections and 28 schedules. The explanatory notes run to over 160 pages. There is then a further 650 pages […]

Election fever!

So, while we wait for some more housing judgments (and they are coming. Austin v Southwark LBC is being heard in the Supreme Court tomorrow – Wednesday 21 April – and Thursday, for starters), I thought we might take a look at the main parties’ manifesto commitments on housing and housing law related issues. The […]

John Healy saves the world*

*Not really. The current housing minister, who holds the current record for the number of times a housing minister’s name can be mentioned in a press release, has announced forthcoming legislation, in response to the Rugg report. More details here [link to PDF]. The announced headlines are as follows, then we’ll take a look at […]

Equality Bill – request for help

As we noted here, the Government’s new Equality Bill brings together various bits of anti-discrimination legislation and extends some of them.  One area that is extended is protection against age discrimination, which is now covered by Part 3, in respect of goods, facilities and services.  It is not however covered by Part 4 which deals […]

The Equality Bill

A new Equality Bill was a flagship manifesto commitment and it was finally published at the end of April.  The Bill receives its second reading in the House of Commons today.  While the Bill is primarily consolidating and tidying up existing law there are four important parts that may affect housing law: Disability discrimination in […]

Protection from repossession

Andrew Dismore MP (he of Chair of the Joint Committee on Human Rights fame) has introduced a ten minute rule bill entitled ‘Home Repossession (Protection) Bill’.  In his own words, the Bill will: amend the Law of Property Act 1925 to require a mortgagee to obtain the court’s permission before exercising the power of sale, […]