Social Welfare contracts – not over yet

While Family and Family and Housing roll on under the old contracts, SWL new contracts are due to start on 15 November. However, there is another judicial review claim by an unsuccessful firm, Davies Gore Lomax of Leeds. The hearing is listed for 27 October. The claim is apparently on the grounds that: The point […]

LSC: goalposts aren’t moved, just very bendy

Sorry. After a moment when it looked like we might get back to housing law, the LSC has interrupted again. And it is almost as if the LSC reads NL! Following our post here on the LSC’s statement in version 2 of its FAQ for the verification exercise on ‘not being able to do the […]

Of contracts, shifting goalposts and lawfulness

[Edit 01/09/2010. There has been a further change to the FAQ discussed in this post. See the new post here] Bear with me. This is going to be a bumpy ride. The LSC’s terms of tender for civil contracts stated Paragraph 15.11: “For a tender to be complete, the Applicant Organisation must, prior to the […]

Legal Aid contract round – In the thick of it

The results of the Social Welfare Law and combined Housing/Family contract bids are slowly coming through. I am mindful that as I write this, firms/organisations in specific areas have not yet been informed whether they have a contract and if so for how many matter starts. But I have heard enough from various areas of […]

Fixed Fees and CLACs – MOJ plan

The Ministry of Justice has published its ‘Implementation Plan’ in response to the recommendations of the ‘Legal Advice at Local Level’ steering group. The plan is here [pdf]. The issue is principally the effects on NFP advice providers of the impact of fixed fee Legal help scheme and the introduction of CLACs and CLANs. Notable […]