The worst Part VII homeless decision ever?

There are bad homeless decisions by local authorities. We’ve all seen them. Findings of intentional homelessness for being evicted for complaining about a broken shower, or being evicted for getting pregnant in an HMO that didn’t allow children. Decisions that stated that being sexually assaulted was just one of those things that happened to homeless […]

Legal Aid: Rights, wrongs and the Lord Chancellor

I wrote at some length about legal aid, tenants rights and Grenfell Tower here (the third of the ‘myths’). Sara Stephens (my esteemed colleague – full disclosure) also explained the situation in a Legal Voice article here. But still it rumbles on, including from two people who really should know better, as quoted in this […]

Unlawful seizure of a table and other bits

Yes, we do have a large backlog of cases to write up, thank you so much for noticing. We will get there, honest. Things have been very busy. In the meantime, a couple of snippets of interest. On 5 December, a Newham Council officer, together with police, seized a table from the regular Saturday street […]

Regulations and damn regulations.

Two quite different sets of secondary legislation. First: there is a new prescribed form for section 6(2), section 8 and section 13(2) notices for assured (including shorthold) tenancies from 6 April 2015. The regulations are here and the prescribed forms are in the schedules.  Section 6(2) is terms for a periodic tenancy. Section 8, of […]

The judicial review of regulations on funding judicial review

Ben Hoare Bell Solicitors & Ors, R (On the Application Of) v The Lord Chancellor [2015] EWHC 523 (Admin) The legal aid funding regulations for judicial reviews, in effect from April 2014, were the subject of this judicial review. To cut to the chase, the Lord Chancellor lost, but no remedy decided yet. (Disclaimer, I […]

Christopher Chope MP makes a generous offer

The Justice Select Committee heard oral evidence on housing legal aid after LASPO today, 21 October 2014. Representatives from HLPA, Shelter and Garden Court Chambers gave evidence. The recording is here, if the video below doesn’t work. In the course of questioning, committee member Christopher Chope, MP for Christchurch, makes the intriguing assertion that every […]

Legal Aid Agency FAQs*

The Legal Aid Agency has released a set of ‘frequently asked questions’ on scope and funding after 1 April just gone. A copy is here. The housing section is at 74-109 There are few surprises, but worthy of note is the position on disrepair: 81. Are damages regarding housing disrepair in scope? Can I claim […]

‘Transforming Legal Aid’*

No, it isn’t over yet. The MoJ has issued a consultation on the next round of legal aid cuts, called ‘Transforming Legal Aid’. There are some specific proposals that affect legal aid housing work. Hold on to your chairs… Residence requirement for funding. 3.4 and 3.5 – to be lawfully resident and to have lawfully resided for […]

The Wasteland*

April is the cruellest month, breeding LASPO out of the dead land, mixing Memory and despair, stirring Dull anger in its train. Winter left us bare, covering Estates in fears and so, feeding An edge of life with dread of worse. Summer no surprise for us, coming with lack of agency With Court time drained; […]