Shared Ownership – Midland Heart with benefit of transcript

The earlier post on this shared ownership possession case, Richardson v Midland Heart Ltd, (November 2007 Birmingham) attracted a lot of comment, some of it excitable and ill-informed (and much of that from me). Nearly Legal now has a copy of the judgment, and the benefit of time and reflection to go on. Before we […]

Lack of ownership in shared ownership

[Edit 15/09/08. It now looks like the following judgment is a) being appealed shortly and b) may only have been a County Court judgment, not High Court – this latter point is not clear but reliable sources say County Court] [Edit 18/09/08.  In the comments to this post, a few people, mostly being me, were […]

Hey! That's my window.

Sheffield City Council v Hazel St Clare Oliver LRX/146/2007 [links to PDF] This is a case which touches on an issue familiar to those involved with right to buy leases: replacement of windows by the landlord. The landlord council wished to replace metal framed windows with new uPVC in the leaseholder’s block. The terms of […]

Enforcing positive covenants

Cantrell v Wycombe District Council [2008] EWCA Civ 866 concerns enforcement of positive covenants by a Local Authority. In return for funds towards the purchase of another property, a housing association had granted the Council nomination rights to six properties, including the one at issue, the agreement was said to be made pursuant to s.609 Housing […]

They'll have to wait

In a sudden rush we have: Court of Appeal: Greenwood Reversions Ltd. v World Environment Foundation Ltd. – and – Madhav Mehra [2008] EWCA Civ 47 on forfeiture of lease. House of Lords: Majorstake Limited (Respondents) v Curtis (Appellant) [2008] UKHL 10 on definition of premises in the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act […]