‛simply wrong-headed’

Apparently Wandsworth are very very unhappy with the Court of Appeal judgment in Wandsworth v Randall on underoccupation possessions via ground 16 HA 1985. So unhappy that they are lobbying Caroline Flint to change the law via the Housing and Regeneration bill. There are, of course, extremely good policy reasons for underoccupation possessions. Multiple bedroom […]

Stack v Dowden revisited

The Court of Appeal has effectively given guidance on the application of Stack v. Dowden [2007] UKHL 17 where one is faced with a transfer into joint ownership and no express statements as to shares in the property in Fowler v Barron [2008] EWCA Civ 377 (23 April 2008). At 21: To recapitulate, the important […]

Possession orders and RTB

Honeygan-Green v London Borough of Islington [2008] EWCA Civ 363 (22 April 2008) A quick note on this Court of Appeal case. What happens when a secure tenant who has begun the right to buy process subsequently has a suspended possession order made against them, and then later has the SPO discharged? The Court of […]

EU homeless and education

A Court of Appeal case, concerning eligiblity for housing assistance via EU status London Borough of Harrow v Ibrahim & Anor [2008] EWCA Civ 386 (21 April 2008) The facts are, briefly, Mrs Ibrahim is a Somali national, married to a Danish national. He came to the UK in 2002 and worked until 2003, when […]

Women's refuges and homelessness

Manchester City Council v Moran & Richards v Ipswich Borough Council [2008] EWCA Civ 378 This is a very important Court of Appeal judgment, which will have significant impact on Women’s Refuges and women fleeing domestic violence. These were two appeals, conjoined, both featuring women whose stay at refuges had been ended following incidents and […]

Shala revisited?

London Borough of Wandsworth v Allison [2008] EWCA Civ 354 is a Court of Appeal judgment on an appeal from a s.204 Housing Act 1996 appeal. It was made in downright odd circumstances, as the respondent had won the s.204 appeal but then had public funding withdrawn, for being out of the country, not long […]

Non-secure tenants

Just a quick comment on Westminster CC v Boraliu [2008] EWCA Civ 1339, which is not on Bailii yet. I was alerted by Housing View at Sweet & Maxwell. This was Court of Appeal decision on the effect of Schedule 1, Housing Act 1985 on exclusions from otherwise secure tenancies. The case concerned paragraph 4, which provides that a tenancy […]

Post mortem revival of tenancy

This is an interesting case that I missed when it came out on Bailii a couple of months ago. It has just been mentioned in Legal Action, so I went to have a look. Austin v London Borough of Southwark [2007] EWHC 355 (QB) concerned an attempt to revive a tenancy after the death of […]

Allocation Judicial Review 2

This is the second of the two judicial reviews of Southwark’s allocation scheme and arguably the more significant of the two. (The first case is in the previous post.) R(Faarah) v Southwark LBC [2008] EWHC 529 (Admin) concerned Southwark’s managment of the transition from a points based scheme to a CBL scheme and specifically the […]

Allocation Judicial Review 1

I’ve been waiting to post on the outcome of two judicial reviews of Southwark’s allocation scheme for a while, hoping they would appear on BAILII. They haven’t, but Garden Court have briefly set out the cases in their 24 March bulletin. So, here is the first of two posts on these cases. R(Yazar) v Southwark […]