The UKIP-ification of law

Or, why Nigel Farrage doesn’t need to worry about that house-load of Romanians moving next door to him once the Immigration Act 2014 comes into force. The Immigration Act 2014 received Royal Assent on May 14, 2014 and, as is obviously the case for an immigration act, it contains significant new developments in housing law […]

O(L)ivers Army

Defence Estates v L and another, High Court (Administrative Court, Collins J, 5.5.09) [2009] All ER (D) 20 (May) is – potentially – quite an important case on the ongoing Qazi/Kay/Doherty/Connors/McCann/Cosic debate about the role of Article 8 in possession proceedings. The only report of the judgement is from the All ER note, which isn’t […]

Outright orders and drug offences

Knowsley Housing Trust v Prescott & Prescott [2009] EWHC 924 (QB) Mr & Mrs Prescott were the assured tenants of Knowsley Housing Trust and had been since 2002. On 11 April 2006, Mr Prescott pleaded guilty to charges relating to the supply of cocaine and amphetamines. He was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment. The Housing […]

Redolent of Improbability

I don’t think there is any significant point of law or practice in Lemas and Sealy v Williams [2009] EWCA Civ 360, but it is a strange case (although one suspects many readers will have been involved in similarly chaotic cases at one stage or another) and worthy of a short note. Mr & Mrs […]

The end of the road

X v LB Hounslow [2009] EWCA Civ 286. When news of X first reached the NL team, the near unanimous response was one of pleasure at the result. Once we obtained a transcript and saw the reasoning of the trial judge, it became clear not only that an appeal would be pursued but that it […]

North of the border

Glasgow City Council v Mitchell [2009] UKHL 11 This is a Scottish appeal to the House of Lords on the scope of the duties owed – if any – by landlords in respect of the behavior of their tenants. It is a difficult case to read (at least for any English lawyers) because of the […]

Not another review …

Yes, it’s true, another review has been published, this time of the regulation and redress in the UK housing market. And yes, if you’re wondering, this was what the Law Commission did in their Issues paper on proportionate dispute resolution and further analysis. The author this time is Professor Colin Jones, whose biog does not […]

New PRS Report

Ok, I’m angry again.  It’s really out of character as I’m usually very mild mannered.  Here’s a question: what do you do if you’ve paid a group of people over around 10 years to come up with a series of proposals to regulate renting relationships (ie the Law commission) but you can’t live with their […]

It's oh so quiet…

Or at least after last week’s tsunami of housing cases, it is quiet. This is good because I am a) perversely very busy, what with everyone else being on holiday, and b) behind the serene exterior of the blog, there is intense plotting and organising going on, of which much more in a few weeks […]

Caroline Flint speaks her brain

In a time when the shortage of social housing is at something of a crisis point, the housing minister has some thinking to share with us. Unfortunately, it is this. (Also BBC news page and the Guardian). Let us make the rash assumption that this proposal to eject work-shy malingerers from their council tenancies is […]