Tolerated Trespasser day

It is official, orders signed and everything. As of today, 20 May 2009, Schedule 11 of the Housing & Regeneration Act is in force, save for paragraphs 3(3), 8(3) and 14(3), which we are arguing about below. Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 (Commencement No. 5) Order 2009. SI 2009/1261 Also in force today – The […]

More on tolerated trespassers

Following on from our post yesterday (and from a personal conversation with Robert Latham of Doughty Street Chambers) we can shed a bit more light on the forthcoming commencement of Sch 11, Housing and Regeneration Act 2008. Firstly, the successor landlord order has not changed from the draft, which can be found here. The final […]

And now, the end is near

With grateful thanks to James Stark of Garden Court North and North West Housing Law Practitioners Group, we can pass on some news on the introduction of Schedule 11 Housing & Regeneration Act 2008 and the end of the tolerated trespasser. The SI should be before the Lords today and the amended Sch 11 provisions […]

The importance of not being earnest

Via a somewhat convoluted route, we have received news of a cautionary tale from Croydon. Consider it an illustration of the need to use conditional language when writing about something which is supposed to happen but which is outside of your control. It is also a story which may (see, that’s how you do it) […]

The end of tolerated trespassers delayed a bit.

News just in – the government has announced that the date for the implementation of s.299 H&R Act 2008 – which brings in ‘replacement’ tenancies has been delayed from 6 April 2009, when we thought it was going to happen, to ‘early May’. This is apparently so that the Order on successor landlords can be […]

The Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 – an update

Two new Statutory Instruments have just come out relating to this Act, and, given that I’m updating my seminar notes about the 2008 Act, I thought I’d share them with you. The Allocation of Housing (England) (Amendment) (Family Intervention Tenancies) Regulations 2008 deal with the interaction between the new Family Intervention Tenancy (“FIT”)in the 2008 […]