Without lawful authority? The houseboats strike again

People live in boats. In some cities, such as Cambridge and London, living in a houseboat may be an affordable way somewhere where house prices would otherwise make that impossible. On so slender thread as that we at nearly legal have reported a number of houseboat cases, even though the points in issue might seem […]

When does a houseboat become a “hereditament”?

In Reeves v Northrop [2012] EWHC 415 Admin, this precise question arose in the context of an appeal by the valuation officer (Reeves) against a decision of the Valuation Tribunal.  It’s a little off the beaten track for us (a council tax appeal) but, at its heart, this is another case about transience/ permanence and […]

Not Ashored

Awful title due to NL himself. Mew v Tristmire concerned whether or not two “houseboats” were “dwelling houses let as separate dwellings” as required in section 1 of the Housing Act 1988 in order for them to be assured tenancies. The “houseboats” appear to have been converted WWII landing craft that were, in the event, […]

Adverse possession of the river bed II

Port of London Authority v Ashmore [2010] EWCA Civ 30 is a really odd decision by the Court of Appeal to the extent I had to read it through carefully twice to be sure I understood its effect. I am still not sure that I do. You may remember that we reported on Mr Ashmore’s […]

Adverse possession of the river bed

In Port of London Authority v Ashmore [2009] EWHC 954 (Ch) the Defendant had, since 1983, tethered his sailing barge to Albion Wharf on the Thames close by Battersea Bridge. The Authority wished to register title to the bed of the river Thames but Mr Ashmore opposed this, claiming that, since his barge rested on […]