Harassment and hot water for leaseholders

Grateful thanks to September 2019 edition of Legal Action – Housing: recent developments for this one. Whale and others v Maunder Taylor and Northwood Hall RTM Company Ltd, County Court at Central London, May 2019 Mr Maunder Taylor was an FTT-appointed manager of a block of flats. Following his appointment, he decided to go ahead with a […]

PRS enforcement corner

Three items relating to PRS licensing/HMO regulations and property management enforcement, with some added harassment of tenants thrown in. Thanks to Dean Underwood at Cornerstone for news of this Magistrates Court case. London Borough of Waltham Forest v Tuitt 11 November 2016 Mr T owns the freehold of a mid terrace house, converted into 4 […]

Landlords behaving badly

While the Magistrates Courts continue to hand out paltry fines to landlords on conviction for illegal eviction, despite the removal of the upper £5000 limit, it is good to see that the civil courts are capable of taking a more reasonable approach to quantum. The Housing:Recent Developments in the July/August 2016 Legal Action contains a […]

The JP, the BBC trainee and the Unlawful Eviction

An unlawful eviction case with some unusual dramatis personae. Rebecca Claire Webb v Samina Amreen Birmingham County Court 31 August 2012 [Unreported elsewhere] Ms Webb was the assured shorthold tenant of Ms Amreen, for a 6 month term from September 2007 then a statutory periodic. A deposit of £540 had been paid, but was not […]

On crowbars and considered conduct

Strydom v Fowler. Brentford County Court 24 November 2010 A County Court case involving possession, unlawful eviction, trespass and Housing Act 1988 s27 and s28. Our thanks (as ever) to the Legal Action ‘Recent Developments in Housing Law’ for this one. Mr F was the assured shorthold tenant, on  what had become a statutory periodic […]

Unlawful Eviction Quantum – from Legal Action

Hunt v Hussain, Epsom County Court 31 July 2009 (LAG housing law updates October 2009) As ever, the Legal Action housing law updates have some useful cases, this from the October 2009 issue. This is another of the reports on County Court judgments on unlawful eviction and harassment cases that are very useful in assessment […]

Bits from August LAG 2: Unlawful Eviction damages

The August edition LAG housing updates also contain a couple of County Court unlawful eviction and harassment cases that are well worth noting, particularly on quantum. Abbas v Iqbal, Bow County Court 4 June 2009. Mr Abbas, who was elderly and in poor health, was granted a weekly periodic AST of a single room with […]

HB means no gas or electricity

In the July edition of Legal Action’s housing reports is the otherwise unreported Salah v Munro Willesden County Court April 2009. This was a harassment and unlawful eviction case. Ms Salah began an assured shorthold tenancy of a room on 23 March 2008 for a 6 month fixed term. Ms S applied for HB which […]

Unlawful Eviction and Harassment quantum

The May edition of Legal Action’s housing updates contains a report on Khan v Iqbal, Bury County Court, 13 March 2009. Ms Khan was an assured shorthold tenant on rent of £650 pm. She lived with her children aged 15 and 12 She got into rent arrears. The landlord and his sons interrupted the electricity […]

Bits from LAG and nuisance & Art 8

There are several cases in the latest LAG updates that we haven’t covered and that are interesting. Thanks as ever to Jan Luba QC and HHJ Nic Madge for the LAG reports. There are two brief notes on County Court cases and a more sizeable one on Dobson v Thames Water, a Court of Appeal […]